What is 5G technology?

5G stands for fifth generation. 5G technology is the latest most hottest networking technology for smart phones. You know 4G. It has dominated the phone network for a couple of years but now it’s time for 5G. But what is this 5G? What can it do for us that 4G can’t? Let’s dive in.

Why use 5G technology and what are the benefits of it

There are lots of reasons for us to change to 5G from using 4G. The first reason is it’s so so fast. It’s 100 times faster than 4G. Companies have said that 4G possess a max speed of 100 megabits per seconds (Mbps). But 5G promises 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) speed. So theoretically, you can download a movie from the internet in less than 4 seconds. With 4G, it takes about 5 or 6 minutes to download a movie like that and with 3G, it would take about a day to do the same task.

So 5G is pretty cool right? And not only that, 5G promises a huge reduction on latency. So web pages would load a lot faster and smoother and would improve the whole internet experience as a whole for the user. The latency is considered about 4 milliseconds on 5G and it’s about 20 milliseconds in 4G LTE (which is an improved level of 4G).

This is already available in some areas of USA. AT&T and T-Mobile already has the ability to provide this service. At first, Verizone began a trial run for implementing a non-standard version of 5G in 2018 for home internet access in a couple of cities. Cell phones that had the ability to connect to 5G wouldn’t be able to connect to it but the trial had the ability to make the home internet access with 5G wirelessly.

Nowadays, 5G have been implemented in a lot of countries but still it has a long way to go since it’s still on a trial level. But most definitely in the future, 5G would be able to give coverage to the whole world so the internet will be much faster and much smoother to access.

Disadvantages of 5G technology

Even though 5G possess a lot of advantages, it also has some disadvantages too. For instance, all of old devices will not be able to access it. So if service providers stopped giving 4G access and starts to focus solely on 5G, we will have to replace all of old devices which will be a huge disadvantage since most of old devices would be still functional and should not be replaced only because of a fast internet connection.

Also, 5G require a high cost when implementing. So even though it would be profitable in the long run, the companies that are trying to implement it will probably have to bare a lot of cost at the beginning. Since 5G is still not yet completely tested, there are security and privacy issues that still need to be solved. Also the speed it promises is still needs to be achieved completely. It will be a reality in the future for sure but for now, it’s still under development.

Overall, 5G technology will be implemented around the world in the future but not now since 5G is still on its way to go to achieve that goal. But after that, everyone in the world would have access to faster and better internet and that will lead to a whole lot of other advantages that seems impossible. Everything would be connected and would be synchronized in a perfect way.