When buying a smart watch some Pleople struggle to choose between Apple and fitbit that is why you should compare Apple Watch VS Fitbit Watch.

Apple holds a huge domain name on the tech industry. If it’s computers or laptops then Mac holds a major place in that industry. If we talk about smart phones, Apple IPhones dominates that industry too. And lately, smart watches also has come a long way. And Apple smart watches holds a major part on that industry as well.



But unlike other industries, when we talk about Smart watch industry, another famous name comes to mind and that is Fitbit. Fitbit Watches are unique in their own way. So if you are looking to buy a smart watch then you might find it difficult to choose between these two brands. So let’s talk about the pros and cons each brand has to offer so you can choose wisely.

Apple Watch VS Fitbit Watch

  1. Apple Watch

Let’s talk about pros and cons of Apple Watch

  • Pros of Apple Watch

  1. Workout tracking


Workout tracking

Workout tracking

Apple watch will always track your workouts. If you are going for a jog, running or doing yoga, this will track all that activities in real time. It will also calculate the distance you travelled, calories you burn during the process, your heart rate and blood pressure, the time elapsed etc. So at the end of the day, you will get all the details of your workout accurately.

  1. Proactive health monitoring
Proactive health monitoring

Proactive health monitoring

As said before, apple watch will monitor all your body activities such as heart rate, blood pressure etc. But not only that, it will also detect irregularities on your condition such as arrhythmia. In Series 4, 5 and 6 there is a feature called fall detection. In it, the watch will detect if you have fallen using accelerometer and gyroscope. If it detect such an event, it will automatically start an alert and if you are unresponsive for 60 seconds, it will send that alert for emergency services.

  1. Large display

Apple Watch 4 and 5 has both 40 mm and 44 mm screen sizes. This is larger than most smart watches. With a large screen, you will be able to open more apps and see them very clearly. With a screen size like this you can view text messages properly and visit websites with ease. You can also watch videos and photos with comfort. Since the screen is also very thin, it won’t feel like a bulk strapped around your wrist.

  1. Can receive and send calls
Can receive and send calls

Can receive and send calls

Since the watch is paired with your IPhone, you can send or receive calls through your watch. You don’t need the phone to do that at all. As long as the watch is paired with your IPhone, you can send or receive calls at any time from your apple watch.

  1. Water proof

Apple watches are water resistance. That means you don’t have to keep it safe from water. You can swim with it, take a bath with it or do anything water related while wearing the watch.

  1. Cellular connectivity


Apple watch series 3 and 4 both has GPS and cellular capabilities. So you don’t need a phone for it to connect when streaming music or send texts or call others through data connection. You can simply do it with the watch without the help of your IPhone.


  • Cons of Apple Watch

  1. High Price
High Price

High Price

If apple products are famous for one thing, it’s for their high price. That fact also applies to apple watches. Even though they have so much to offer, they cost a lot more than almost all other smart watch brands. So that’s the biggest disadvantages of getting an Apple Smart Watch.

  1. Battery Life
Battery Life

Battery Life

The battery life of Apple smart watch is about 18 hours when fully charged. Battery life is an essential aspect when it comes to electronic devices like this and even though 18 hours is a good amount for a battery life, it still falls behind for lots of other smart watch’s battery lives.

  1. Compatibility is limited

Unlike other smart watches, you must need an IPhone in order to use an Apple smart watch. If you don’t have that, then you can never use an Apple Smart watch. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of using an Apple smart watch because it will always depend on our IPhone. If you lose your IPhone then your watch would be worthless too.

  1. Fitbit Smart Watch

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of Fitbit Smart Watches

  • Pros of Fitbit Watches

  1. User Friendly
User Friendly

User Friendly

Fitbit Smart watches are very famous for being easy to use even if you are tech newbie. They have a special team behind their designs to make them as user friendly as possible. This will make you use the watch all day

  1. Lots of options

There are lots of product you can choose including 5 trackers and 3 smart watches. You can choose what you like according to your demands. Each product is unique in their own way so you will get something special for using each product.

  1. Water Proof

Most of Fitbit products are completely waterproof. So you can do anything water related with it. You  can swim, bath, ride boat or do anything while wearing a Fitbit smart watch without any worries.

  1. High Battery Life
High Battery Life

High Battery Life

Unlike other brands, Fitbit battery life will last up to days without any issue. So you don’t have to charge it all the time. If it’s fully charged, then you can wear it and go on a trip or a hike without worrying about the battery life at all. To me, this is actually one of the main advantages of Fitbit smart watches.

  • Cons of Fitbit Watch

  1. Could be a little uncomfortable

Some users have complained that the watch band feels a bit heavy and uncomfortable. The band is made with flexible rubber which is very easy to adjust to your wrist size. But you don’t know for sure until you wear one and try for yourself.

  1. Slightly Expensive
Slightly Expensive

Slightly Expensive

Even though Fitbit watches are slightly expensive, they are definitely less expensive than Apple watches. So in case of Apple watch VS Fitbit, Fitbit surpasses apple in terms of price.

These are the pros and cons of Apple watches and Fitbit watches. My personal opinion is, in terms of Apple Watch VS Fitbit watch, if you already has an IPhone and don’t mind spending a bit more money, you should definitely get an Apple smart watch. If you don’t have an IPhone already, then there is no point of buying both IPhone and an apple watch in order to use an apple watch.

If that’s the case for you, you should definitely get a Fitbit smart watch because it also has so much to offer and you would not lose any features for choosing Fitbit because it also has almost everything apple smart watch has to offer.

I hope this article helps you decide what to buy from Apple and Fitbit. Good luck and happy watch shopping.