Netflix Credit Card BINS

If you want to learn how to use Netflix credit card BINS, first of all you must understand what BINS are. So let’s look at it first.

What are BINS

BIN stands for Bank Identification Numbers. In a BIN, the bank is specified and most probably the first 6 digits of your debit or credit card will be included in your BIN.

How to use BINS on Netflix

If you have BIN then you can use that to get BINS credit card Netflix (Premium Netflix accounts). This is how you do it.

  1. Step1– Create a card using the BIN and copy that card
  2. Step2– Connect to a VPN that is premium which allows you to connect to USA IP address. If you know how to use sock5 then you can use that here.
  3. Step3– Now that you are connected to a false IP and already have a card, you are good to go. Open the relevant site and give out the information you already have (in the payment page you can use this fake information you got from the BIN). Enter the card number you got from the above steps and you will get a free account.

But keep in mind that Netflix has created security measures to prevent this so they already have algorithms to detect fake cards created with the same BIN but they can’t still detect them 100% because their algorithms are not perfect. So when you try this method, sometimes you might not succeed at the first attempt but don’t give up. You can get lucky after a couple of times. Since this method is completely free, it won’t hurt to try a couple of times.

How to create your own BIN

Text- If you want to do anything with BINS then first you must have your own BIN. You have the ability to create one for yourselves and this is how you do it.

But first, keep in mind that there are generally two verification trials in systems and you need to create BINS for those 2 kinds of trials in separate ways.

  • First validation Type

This type is the validity checking type. These type of trials just checks out your CC EXP CVV validations and if that checks out, then the free trial will initiate. So this type of trial’s verification process is very easy to cheat and win.

This is how you make a BIN for this kind of verification process.

  1. Step1– Choose a debit card from your BIN (not a credit card) and make sure you use USA, CAPITAL ONE master card.
  2. Step2– Generate CC with that debit card and then check with it.
  3. Step3– Get lives one and test it.

Do this multiple times if it doesn’t work the first time and it will work eventually.

Note- Remember to change your IP address according to the relevant CC country’s IP

  • Second validation Type

These kinds of validation types are called Authorizations hold trials. These kinds of verification processes are not that easy to cheat. These types of verification types will verify the card holder’s name if the specific card is VBV. Netflix has this kind of verification process.

To cheat a verification process like this, you need a valid BIN and for that you need patience and a good working CC generator and a CC checker. Also you need a good internet connection and premium VPN. This is how you beat this kind of verification process.

Step1– Go to a BIN website


A website would look like this

How to use BINS on Netflix

How to use BINS on Netflix

Step2– Choose a country you prefer but make sure it’s a low secured country like UAE or Oman and then choose a small bank since they are usually less secured.

Step3– Choose one BIN of debit card. Make sure it should not be a credit card. Then generate CC with it and then check with it.

Step4– Then get a live one and test it. If this does not work the first time, then start again and do it till it works.

This will not be easy the first time but once you get used to it, then this would be very easy. So try this if you are interested because these methods do work.