Why downloading games for free is easy but not always safe

Why downloading games for free is easy but not always safe

Why downloading games for free is easy but not always safe

In our modern world, internet has become a common thing. All of us have internet connections with high speed and unlimited or high level of data capacity. So unlike 10 years ago where people bought gaming CDs with crack files with lesser cost, now we can download huge free pc games with cracks since we have high capacity internet connection. Below are mentioned some of the famous most visited websites for free pc games download. You can even download newly released highly anticipated pc games through these sites completely for free.

But it’s also risky and sometimes not legal. Besides that, there might be malware, viruses or adware contained in these files and they can harm your computer. I personally prefer buying games or download them from their official websites after paying for them but in this case, you have to keep an eye out for viruses and malware since it has become more common than before. Also for security for our webpage, the below mentioned pages are not linked to our page but is mentioned at the topic (use “.” instead [dot] to get the correct link to the relevant page).  Let’s look at the top sites to download free PC games with cracks.

Highly Compressed PC Games (thepcgames[dot]net)

If you are in need of large pc games with cracks that are highly compressed, then this is the best place for you to download those games for free. You can download GTA IV, GTA San Andreas, Saints Row series, Hitman, WWE Wrestling games etc. This site also has high download speed. Since crack files are always available, you don’t have to worry about playing the game after downloading.

Compressed PC Games (alfygame[dot]com)

This site is also very suitable for downloading highly compressed pc games for free with crack files for hardcore gamers. You can download games that are not on torrents from here. Some of the games you have here are GTA series, Assassin’s Creed Series, Call of Duty Series etc. these files are highly compressed KGB compressed files so it’s very easy to download them in less time.

Game Top (gametop[dot]com)

On top of this site, there is a countdown saying the next new release of a game. So a new game is released to this site every day. This site is a good site to download small sized pc games for free with cracks. For instance The Three Musketeers, Time Machine, The Statue of Liberty etc. If you are a casual gamer, then this site is ideal for you. Since the games are small relative to usual pc games, these files are not compressed that much but this site has high download speed so it will only take a minute for you to download your selected game from this site for free.

 My Real Games (myrealgames[dot]com)

If you love card games, pool games or girl games, then this is the ideal site for you. This site doesn’t contain huge pc games like GTA or Call of Duty but has a huge collection of small pc games like sports, car games action and adventure. There is also a category for online games also and it has a huge collection of online games like Commando, Turbo Spirit, Big Farm etc. So you can download them with your friends and play them online together as a team or against each other.

Full PC Action Games (fullypcgames[dot]net)

This site has a huge collection of awesome pc games with crack files completely for free like Far Cry, GTA series, Call of Duty, Drift, Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed and many more. You can also download online games from here too. This site has proper download speed and all the gaming files are highly compressed so data wastage is minimum when you download games through this site. Also since all games contain the necessary crack files, you don’t have to worry about playing the game after you install it to your PC.

Ocean of Games (oceansofgamess[dot]com)

Text- This site gives you the latest small pc games with cracks. If you like to play pc games on a casual basis, then this site is the best for you since it has a huge collection of newly released games and it’s also free. But this site also has some huge games like GTA series, Far Cry series etc.

Steam (store.steampowered.com)

This is probably the largest collection of games on the internet but most of these games needs to be paid for but there are some games you can play for free. But the most awesome thing about Steam is a lot of Beta versions get released to Steam and you can play them completely for free before the original is released. So it’s not a waste to download Steam to your computer and being in touch with it since sometimes there are sales like summer sales in Steam where you can buy games for much cheaper than usual but with all the benefits.

Origin (origin.com)

This is also very similar to Steam and also has a huge pc games collection. You can get Battlefield series, FIFA series, Sims, Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed collection, GTA series and many more. But unlike other sites, these games are also paid games like Steam so you can’t download these pc games for free but Origin offers a lot of other games for free. Since online games need an original version to play properly, you can get them for cheaper from here just like in Steam without paying the full amount.

 Skidrow & Reloaded (skidrowreloaded[dot]com)

When it comes to downloading PC games for free with crack files, Skidrow is the best in the business. You can download almost all of best PC games from here for free. There are a lot of games that has the size of more than 20GB and even 50GB in this site. All these files are highly compressed and since the site has a very high level of download speed, you can download these games with ease even though there are very large. Since these compressed files always contain the necessary crack files, you don’t ever have to worry about the game if you download it from here.