Faxage is a company that supplies local and Toll free fax coverage to all 50 states of America and Canada. It also includes unlimited online fax storage with no additional cost for unlimited users. There basic package starts at $3.49 per month and you can scale your package to thousands of fax numbers and even millions of fax messages per month in a single Faxage account.

Unlike the traditional method (with a fax machine) you can easily send and receive email faxes via Website, Mobile App and API faxing. Not just that, there are a lot of advantages of using Faxage so let’s talk about that.


1. Low monthly Fee

Low monthly Fee

The lowest package starts at $3.49 per month and with it you will get lots of benefits. The standard package starts at $19.95. With it, you can easily scale your account to thousands of fax numbers with more than 1 million faxes per month.

2. Low Overage Rate

For both incoming and outgoing page, their overage page charge is only $0.05 which is very low relative to other similar service. This is actually a very huge advantage for new users when they get a lower package even though they need a bigger one because they don’t know what package suites them.

3. Best Customer Care

Best Customer Care

24/7 customer care is available for Faxage. Email support is available 24×7 and you can call (800) 853 3293 on office hours from Monday to Friday between 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM. They will always reply to your messages and will guide you through anything if you call their hot line.

4. Will Sign a Business Associate Agreement

You can get business accounts for your business and Faxage will sign an agreement specifically for your business so it would be more legit. This is actually a very safety method if you are hoping to use a fax service for your organization.

5. Unlimited online Fax Storage

Unlimited online Fax Storage

With all Faxage subscriptions, you will get unlimited online Fax Storage so you will not lose any fax messages you get.

6. You can create a Block and Allow call list

To your personal Faxage account, you can create your own blocked and allowed call list so you won’t be charged for blocked calls. You will be charged only for relevant and useful calls.


1. No Free trial period

The main and only disadvantage of using Faxage is that they don’t offer a free trial period. But they offer a completely refunded 2 week trial period for every new account. So if you cancel your account within 2 weeks, they will pay back your total subscription fee.


On an overall level, Faxage is definitely a buy because the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Since they offer a money back guarantee for 2 weeks with every new subscription, that one disadvantage is not really a full disadvantage.

If you have any questions about Faxage or anything related, please feel free to put a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Good Luck.