Mind blowing movies with new technological concepts

 We all love movies. There are lots of movie categories such as action, thriller, comedy, drama, fantasy etc. In these categories Sci-fi holds a very important place because in this category, the movie mainly talks about future science or modern science. The concepts are mostly fictional but not impossible. So let’s see some famous movies that managed to leave the audience hold their breath.

Avatar (2009)

Avatar held the box office record for the highest grossing movie for 10 years until Avengers Endgame beat that record. In this movie, humans go to an alien planet to get their resources. In this process, they create vessels that are identical for these aliens and implement human conscious into them. Then these humans infiltrate the alien tribe so they could steel their resources.

In this process the main character realize that what they were doing was wrong so his loyalty for humanity changes. This conscience implementation process has become a huge impact and happens to be one of the major motivations for augmented reality concept.

Pacific Rim (2013)

This awesome action movie is about Godzilla size aliens (Kaijus) attacking earth. At first only one alien attacked earth and humans managed to kill it after it destroyed several cities. Then another comes and another. So humans had to evolve so they create Godzilla size robots (Jaegers) that can fight these monstrous aliens.

A jaeger is controlled by two pilots by synchronizing their minds since one human mind was not enough to control a giant robot like that. This concept also has being very interesting and has implemented already in a small scale (not the conscience synchronizing part but controlling a machine using brain waves and human movements).

Robo Cop (1987)

This has made a huge impact on movie industry. Robo Cop is filled with action and thrilling. In this story, a cop gets terminally injured but gets a chance to return to action as a cyborg. These days, cyborg concept is very common but back in the day, it was not. So this movie became so famous because of this so it had 2 more sequels and a reboot, all of which made box office records.

The Matrix (1999)

This all-time favorite movie managed to make the audience question their own reality after watching it. This action packed awesome movie has made a turning point on modern cinema. It not just introduced a mind blowing concept to us that made us question everything but also made a huge impact on the movie industry about the importance of CGI.

This Keanu Reeves starring movie made two more sequels and 18 years after the last movie released, a 4th movie is now in the making also starring Keanu Reeves and the same cast with more additional cast. Hope you are ready for that.

The Terminator (1984)

This made Arnold Schwarzenegger’s whole movie carrier. The Terminator series is considered to be one of the best movie series in the world. In this movie, a robot (terminator) is sent to the past by humans in order to save a child’s life (John Connor). The reason for this is John Connor happens to be the reason for the victory for humans against the war with machines in the future. So machines also sends a terminator to the past kill Connor.

This movie gave the idea about the rise of the machines to the audience so we still doubt about robots taking over the world. After that, 5 more sequels were released and all were really good but not as good as the first two (a very popular opinion).