Technology for a better life

 In today’s world, technology is everywhere. From our cellphone to our own home, everything is becoming digitalized and automated. Today, technology has almost become an essential human need. We use technology for everything. Because of this trend, lots of new technological advancements gets created for tasks that we don’t even usually think of. But when we heard of it, it becomes interesting. So these are some of new tech tools like that, which you can buy if you are interested.

Latest Tech Tools

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle (WAKEcup)

We all use water bottles. Some use it occasionally and others on a daily basis. Most people who use the same water bottle every day will have a non transparent bottle (a metal or plastic). And the most common problem with a bottle like that is to clean the inside of it. We can’t see the inside of a bottle like that so we don’t know how much germs it contains.

We clean it as we can but most probably it wouldn’t be cleaned properly. But with this WAKEcup water bottle, that would not be a problem. It has an ultra violet light on its lid that has the ability to clean the germs and bacteria inside the bottle up to 99.99%. That is way better than what we do by ourselves. So if you are a germophobe or like to have a clean bottle always, then WAKEcup is the cup for you.

Dyslexia reading Lamp

This is a very useful tool for people who suffers from dyslexia which is a condition where the person is unable to read or has a hard time reading since the eyes of the person has the same pattern thus creating a mirror effect inside the brain. Because of this, the individual will have a hard time reading.

Studies have shown that almost 10% of UK citizens suffer from this condition. With this Lexilife Lexilight Dyslexia reading lamp, that mirror effect will get reduced by allowing one eye to take dominance. So the person will be able to read comfortably. If you have a loved one who suffers from dyslexia, then this reading lamp would be the perfect gift for them.

Bluetooth Electric Drumset

Everyone loves a drum set. No one would say no to a drum set. But it’s not easy to get a drum set since it’s expensive and require a lot of space. When we get bored, we play air drums. When we hear music or a drum solo, we do the same thing. So imagine if we can make sound from that. With this, you will get two clips that can be attached to 2 drum sticks and another to your feet.

Then you can tap on anything with them. It can be a table or anything. Those clips will be connected to your smart phone through Bluetooth. With those clips, it will recreate the drum sound and will record it so you can use it later. Awesome right?

Fitbit Charge 4

This is a smart watch. But what’s special about it is, it doesn’t just measure your blood pressure and have GPS and other stuff. This watch has the ability to measure the oxygen volume in your blood stream. This will be very useful if you are a hiker or a mountain climber since when you go up, the oxygen level would usually get reduced.

This will help you keep track of the level of oxygen you have in your body so you wouldn’t pass out on top of a mountain.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

When you become a parent, your whole life turns upside down. You will never get proper sleep and rest because the baby would always cry. So the only time you would get to rest is when the baby is asleep. But most of the time, the baby would wake up for no reason. So it will be a huge task to make the baby fall asleep again. But with this SNOO smart sleeper, it will be very easy. It’s program to make adaptive rocking and white noises.

With this combination the baby would go to sleep quickly so parents can finally catch their breath. So if you are a new parent or know someone who is about to have a baby, this might be the ultimate gift for them.