Let’s talk about what buffering is before showing you how to slove disney plus buffering issues. This is the process that happens when the device is downloading a certain amount of data before playing a video. Usually this happens while the video is playing but if your internet connection is slow then the device might not be able to download the next step of the video before it starts to play.

So instead you will see the buffering icon as above. If this happens all the time then it will become an issue because it will become irritating and will get in the way of your enjoyment and that destroys the whole purpose of watching Disney Plus.

If you have a Disney Plus account then buffering might have become an issue for you sometimes (maybe). If that happens then there are easy steps you can do to fix that buffering issue. But first check your internet connection because having a fast connection is a must to watch Disney Plus without buffering issues and if you don’t have that then that would be the number one issue for this buffering problem and you must fix that before doing any of the below mentioned steps.

If you already have a fast internet connection and if it doesn’t have any interruptions or anything then the buffering problem might be related to something else. In most cases if you do the below steps, you will be able to fix your Disney Plus buffering issues with ease. So let’s talk about those easy steps.

Easy steps to solve Disney Plus Buffering issues

Since Disney Plus has already becomes one of the main streaming services in the world, a lot of subscribers use it on a daily basis worldwide. Therefore Disney Plus buffering issues has become a major topic among Disney Plus users. As above mentioned, for Disney Plus to work properly, you definitely need a fast internet connection. If you have that already and if it’s working properly then something else is causing these Disney Plus buffering issues. If that’s the case, do each steps below and see if the issue has being resolve.

  1. Close the app and open it again
disney plus app

disney plus app

This is the easiest step you can do in this situation. Just simply close the Disney Plus app and closing all relating apps and open Disney Plus app again. This might solve your Disney Plus buffering issue with ease. The reason for this is when you close the app and open it again, any useless miscellaneous files would be removed from the cache and it would give the system a fresh start. If that doesn’t does the trick then do the next step.

  1. Turn off your device and turn it on again
restart the device

restart the device

If there are any issues regarding software (that cause this buffering issues) then that would be solved if you turn of your device and turn it on again (restart it). When you do this the whole software system would be rebooted and it would solve any issues regarding buffer delays. The difference between this and the previous step is when you do this step, the whole cache in the device would be cleared and it will give the whole system a proper fresh start unlike in the first step. That’s the difference between this step and step 1. But if this also doesn’t work then do the next step.

  1. Check for Disney Plus updates
 Disney plus updates

Disney plus updates

Disney Plus buffering issues can be caused if the app in your device is not up to date. If that’s the case then you should definitely check if there are any Disney Plus app updates and if so, quickly update your Disney Plus app up to date and this will most definitely clear your buffering issues. If the app is not up to date, no amount of restarting the device or the app would not solve this problem so you have to update the app if any kind of update is available regarding the app. If that doesn’t solve this then do the final step.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Disney Plus to your device
uninstall the app

uninstall and reinstall the app

Uninstall (remove) Disney Plus application from your device completely and then reinstall it again. This will solve any and all software related problems in the system and this will most definitely do the trick. When you reinstall the app, it would start as completely new. If there were any problem regarding any kind of software or data in the system, this step would resolve all of it because this is the ultimate solution regarding software. This is the last step you can do to resolve Disney Plus buffering issues.

Keep in mind that if the final step also couldn’t solve your Disney Plus buffering issues and you already have a proper internet connection, then most probably the problem occurs from the company’s side (Disney Plus). You have to understand that Disney Plus streaming service is growing in a rapid speed and thousands and thousands of brand new subscribers joins it on a daily basis.

So when a company grows in a rapid speed like that, issues like this can occur since it’s a genuine probability. Also you must keep in mind that Disney Plus has already publically admitted that they face issues like this from their side and that they are working to their full extend to resolve these kind of issues.

Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars

Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars

So if you have any kind of Disney Plus buffering issues and above steps wouldn’t help, then all you can do is wait till Disney resolve their issues from their side. There’s a saying that says “Good things comes to those who wait”. Like that wait a bit and Disney will come through because they have the ability to do that.

All they need is a little bit of time so have faith in Disney. I mean that’s the studio that gave us Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars and many more iconic creations. If they can create things like that then I’m pretty sure they can solve these simple buffering issues. So fingers crossed till we wait.