spotify premium

spotify premium

There aren’t a lot of ways you can get free Spotify premium for PC but here we will talk about the easiest and most efficient way of obtaining that goal. But first let’s talk about what Spotify is and the advantages of having free Spotify premium for PC because there are a lot of people who haven’t heard of Spotify even though it’s very famous on a global scale. These kind of people would really enjoy the benefits of Spotify because not knowing that this existed would make this experience way better.

What is Spotify

This was founded in 2006 by a Swedish based company named Spotify AB but this was launched in 2008. Currently there’s almost 5000 employees works at Spotify so you can get a general idea about how big and important this company is.

In short, Spotify is a streaming service that has over 50 million songs (pretty cool right?). So in other words, it probably has the song you want to listen to. It also has videos and podcasts too. You can download Spotify for free for your PC or android smart phone or even IPhone. Or you can get the premium version which has a lot of advantages.

If you have Spotify then you don’t have to search on the internet anymore for songs. You don’t have to ask your friends to send you songs from other methods. You can simply get any song you want without relying on anyone.

 Advantages of having a Spotify premium account

There are countless of reasons for you to buy or get Spotify premium account. Let’s talk about the main reasons for that.

  1. No Shuffle mode only

In the free version, you can only have 15 songs per playlist. If you want to listen to more songs than that, then it would put on a shuffle mode. That means the system will randomly choose a song for you so you can’t choose the song you prefer at the moment. But if you have free spotify premium for PC or mobile, then you can listen to any song you want. You can start the day with Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood and The Destroyers and end the day with 1234 I love you by Plain White T’s.

You can listen to any song you prefer all day every day. Since Spotify has almost all the songs you like (because 50 million songs is a big number) you never have to worry about not finding a song from Spotify because the probability of that happening is so low.

  1. Will get Unlimited skips

When you use the free version, you will only get a couple of skips when the shuffle list is playing. After you spend your skips, you’ll have to listen to what’s playing on Spotify. Most probably it would be a good song and I personally prefer not to skip songs like that because that would give me a chance to explore new songs that I haven’t heard before.

But if you don’t prefer to listen to new songs on shuffle then Spotify premium version is what’s best for you because with it, you will get limitless number of skips. That means if you don’t like the current song then you can skip it and skip skip skip until you find a song you love.

So if you are very picky when you try to find new songs that you haven’t listen to before, then the premium version of Spotify is superb for you because it basically gives you unlimited chances to choose a new song. Since Spotify has great determine algorithms, it will be able to guess songs you like based on your playlists and song you have previously listen to.

So Spotify has the ability to introduce you to new songs every day. But as said before, if you are picky when selecting new songs, having the premium version is good for you otherwise you might get fed up with Spotify.

  1. Double the quality
spotify premium

spotify premium version

With the free version you get to listen to songs with 96kbps per seconds or 160kbps per seconds which is the high quality in free version. But if you have the premium version then you can listen to the same songs in 320 kilobits per seconds which is the double of that high quality. With that level of quality audio, you can enjoy more details from the song and enjoy it to the fullest if you have high end headset or speakers. So if you are a music student or a music enthusiast, then you would probably enjoy more details in the music.

If you are like that then premium version is what’s best for you. If you have better quality speakers or headsets like JBL, Yamaha or Sony then you will have a chance to experience the ulitimate version of a song with Spotify premium version.

  1. No need to connect to the Internet all the time

Let’s say you already have the free version of Spotify. If that’s the case then you need to be connected to the internet all the time in order to use it since all the songs will be played via online. But if you have the premium version then it will allow you to download up to 10000 songs as you like and you can listen to them in whatever order you like. This will also help you cut down your data usage since always listen to songs online will waste lots of internet data in the long run.

You can download not just single songs but albums, podcasts or playlists too. You simply have to click download button and that’s it. If you have saved songs on your library, then you can go to Library> Songs and download all of the songs in a single click so you can listen to them if you are going on a long trip. This will provide the best background music for your journey. You will enjoy this feature of the premium version because internet connection must be a constant when enjoying a song.

If the song gets stuck in the middle because of lack of internet connection then the whole amusement and enjoyment you feel from listening to that song will collapse. Then you will get fed up and might have to listen to that song from the beginning (for me personally that would be the case because I hate when that happens). Most probably that will happen if you travel a lot or listening to songs while you travel because when you travel, lots of interference will occur for internet signal and the connection will get interrupted from time to time at least a bit.

But that won’t be an issue if you have the premium version since you never have to have proper internet connection if you are listening to songs that are already downloaded to your device. So if you are a person that listens to the same songs for a longer period of time then Spotify premium version is what’s ideal for you.

  1. You will be the first in line to get new releases

Spotify deals with Universal Music Group and they let UMG artists (almost all of them) to release their new singles to Spotify premium users for a limited time (usually 2 weeks). Everyone including free users will get these singles later but if you have a premium account then you have the ability to get them before everyone. UMG artists include Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Rihanna, Adele, 50 Cents, Lindsay Lohan and many more.

So this is a huge opportunity for you to listen to their new songs before they get officially released. That is pretty cool right? And a very rare opportunity. Most people don’t know about this feature unless they already have a premium account of Spotify. So the people who enjoy this feature enjoy it by themselves without bragging about it to anyone. But now you know about it so this is also another reason for you to a Spotify premium account because you can’t miss out on an opportunity like this

  1. Get a discount with Hulu

You can get a special discount if you get Spotify and Hulu premium simultaneously since they have an agreement. But keep in mind that Hulu only available in United Stated of America. So if you are already a Hulu premium owner, then you can get a discount on Spotify premium and the other way around. If you are hoping to get both Spotify and Hulu premium at the same time, then you would get the best price for both.

  1. No ad interruptions

When using the free version you will have to listen to unskippable advertisements from time to time but if you have the premium version then you can listen to songs without any interruptions at all. Even though these ads pop up after the song ends, you might feel fed up after a while by it. So it’s better you get the premium version after that instead giving up on Spotify because you would miss out a lot if you give up on Spotify.

The easiest way of getting free Spotify premium for PC

But to get all the above advantages, you must have a premium Spotify account. There are promotions where you can get a premium version for a limited time for free but after it expires, you lose all the benefits.  So let’s talk about how you can get free Spotify premium for PC forever.

First download DRmare Spotify Downloader. You can download it from the below link.

spotify premium version

spotify premium version

With this, you can download and manage your Spotify songs offline without recording and any interruptions.

As above mentioned, you can download original Spotify songs with high qualities like 320 kilobits per seconds. The output formats include mp3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC and many audio versions. Also the ID3 tags, metadata like the name of the artist, year of release, album name are 100% kept. After that you can get free Spotify Premium for PC forever.

Keep in mind that you should only use crack Spotify premium PC version because there are other cracks but they might harm your computer or won’t success in the process.

By this simple method, you will have access to all the above advantages of Spotify premium version and that won’t cost you a dime. You can listen to all the songs you want all day every day. You won’t get any interruption from unskippable advertisements.

You don’t have to have a proper internet connection all the time and most importantly, you will get to listen to new releases from your favorite singers before they get released properly to the world. Since you can download music with high quality with this method, you can experience proper music in a proper way and enjoy them in a proper manner.