When you think of the words “The Wall”, there are things comes to your mind such as the wall Trump promised to make between Mexican and American boarder or the movie “The Wall” starring John Cena and Aaron Taylor. But now when you heard the words “The Wall” you would think about the huge 219 inch TV introduced by Samsung. This monster television has being introduced to the world at CES Technology Show in Las Vegas.

best 219 inch TV

best 219 inch TV

The display of this TV is micro LED because Samsung wanted to make a brighter screen output with less energy than a usual television. 219 inches means 18 feet. So you can imagine how big that is.

samung 219 inch the wall display


How much is the best 219 Inch TV?

The price of this TV is not yet announced by Samsung but analysts indicate that it would be at least $20000.

What features to expect on the best 219 Inch TV?

This 219 inches television has 8K resolution. The name “The Wall” is given because the screen is made up with 6 by 6 inch micro LED panels that form together as a huge wall. The wall is 30 millimeters thick. The screen has a brightness of 2000 nits and 120 Hz video rate so you can watch it on a very bright room.

Also when you don’t watch this TV, you can set to ambient mode where it will display different kinds of curated art from video art, photographs and paintings to customizable photos with digital frames. This TV is powered by quantum processor flex and with an AI picture quality engine. This will process image data by itself to calibrate the low resolution original image relating to the display. You can connect “The Wall” to any operating system through a proper HDMI input.

All in all this will make a revolution in television industry because this has the ability to give you an experience just like in a real movie theatre. The sound system is also very sophisticated and will gives you a surround 3D audio experience while watching. Even though this TV is not released to the society yet, it will make a huge difference once it’s released. So if you are a true fan of modern technology or a tech enthusiast then this “Wall” would be a great device for you.