The Invisible Guestis a Spanish movie and this was ranked as the 241st best movie of all time by Internet movie database. This movie didn’t got nominated for any academy awards but my opinion is this should have won the award for the best screenplay in academy awards. This is a Thriller/Mystery movie and this managed to get the peak level of mystery for a movie in all of film history.

The movie starts with an old woman coming to see Adrian in his apartment. Her name was Virginia and she was an amazing lawyer. She was referred to Adrian’s case by his lawyer Felix. So, she asks Adrian what happened and he starts to tell his side of the story. He starts by telling what he and his lover Laura were doing in a hotel. He says that someone was blackmailing them for 100000 euros. When they were in that hotel room, he gets a message from Laura’s phone when she was next to him and in that message it says “I’ll tell everything. Room 715, Hotel Bellavista”. So he gets suspicious and tries to leave the room with Laura.

Then someone attacks him from behind. When he wakes up to the sound of the police, he sees Laura laying dead in the washroom and the money was on top of her. Then the police arrests him because there were no signs of forced entry or any evidence of a third party inside the room.

After that story, Virginia tells Adrian to tell her everything. When he said that there is no more to that story, she shows him a newspaper article saying “Young man disappearing in Bierge”. So he had no choice but to tell her the rest of the story.  Some while ago in Bierge, he was with Laura. And when they were returning home, they face an accident when a deer suddenly jumps to the middle of the road while another car was near them. Then their car rotates and stops. Both of them didn’t get any injuries from it but the other car was crashed on the side of the road.

When they goes to check, it was the young man in that newspaper article and he was already dead. Then Adrian gets afraid and tries to call the cops but Laura stops him because both of them were married and that will make them get caught. So she convinces Adrian that it’s too late to save him and tried to get away from it with their car but it wouldn’t start because of the crash. Then Laura tells Adrian to bury the other car with the dead body while she waits by their car.

Then he goes and drives that car to a lake. While this happens, Laura meets another traveler named Tomas and he agrees to fix her car by taking it to his house.  Then they go there and Laura realizes that it was that dead man’s father. She already had his phone in her pocket and when his mom tries to call him, she quickly hides it on a sofa. So they assumes that their son forgot his phone. Then she quickly went away and picks Adrian. And then, they get rid of Adrian’s car without a trace by selling it to scrape metal. Then later, Laura frames that dead man to a robbery by using his Bank ID she stole from his purse.

Before that, Adrian files a police report saying his car got stolen and got a fake alibi saying that he was at Paris when this happened. But later, Adrian gets ambushed by Tomas and he tells him that he knows everything but Adrian refuses to agree with him. Then, Adrian tells Virginia that it might be the other person who saw them right after the accident that tried to blackmail them. Then Virginia convince him that it was Tomas that tried to blackmail them and then kills Laura and framed him for her murder. Then she shows a newspaper photo of when Adrian was being arrested and in the background, she shows him Tomas’s wife so he gets convinced about what Virginia says.

Then Virginia tells Adrian that she might be able to pull him out of the whole story and pin everything on Laura. And then she asks him where he drowned that car. Then he points it out in a map. Then he tells her that before he drowned that car, the man was still breathing but he decided to go along with the plan anyway. Then Virginia gets angry and tells him that she thinks that he did everything instead of Laura. She says that it was him who convinced Laura to not call the cops and bury the car. And it was him who framed that dead man to a robbery.

Then she tells Adrian that Laura was suffering from acute anxiety attacks after the incident. And it was she who wanted to give that 100000 euros to the parents and turn themselves in to the cops.  Then after Adrian found out about it, he killed her and made it look like it was a frame job. When Virginia tells him this, he accepts it and tells it was the real truth. Then she shows a window from the building across the road and shows him that it was Tomas in that room looking at them.

Then she tells him the newspaper photo was a fake. After that, she goes outside saying she is going for a break and will return in a moment. Then the audience sees that she gets nervous and goes to Tomas’s room and looks at Adrian from there. Then she removes her wig and her makeup. Then the audience and Adrian realize that it was Tomas’s wife all along and they were recoding the whole conversation. Then someone knocks at Adrian’s door and when he opens it up, it was the real Virginia and then the movie ends.

For me, this movie had the best ending of all time because it was so unexpected, no one could predict it. We see Tomas’s wife a lot of times throughout the movie and Virginia was one of the main characters in the movie but no one could recognize that it was the same person till the end.

I think this was a masterpiece not because of that magnificent ending but because of other aspects as well, such as directing, acting and specially the storyline. So I think that this is a must watch movie for movie fans all around the world.