Everything you should know about Avast VPN in 2021

Avast VPN Review
Avast VPN Review

Avast is a Czech cyber security software company and its headquarters is located in Prague. This company was founded by Eduard Kucera and Pavel baudis in 1988 as a company. Avast is mostly famous for their antivirus guard “Avast Antivirus”. But they also do researches and develop machine learning and artificial intelligence application. Also their VPN service has become famous within the tech industry for many reasons.

You can download Avast Antivirus from this link.

Avast offers
Avast offers

Avast offers a 7 day trial for free and a paid version. You can choose protocols such as IKEv2, OpenVPN and IPSec and they use 256 bit AES encryption for this process. Avast is famous for their server speed and actually holds a place among 10 fastest VPN servers.

Even though Avast has being in the industry for quite some time, their VPN service was introduced in 2014. But their VPN service is compatible with all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and Android TV. Their VPN has no bandwidth limit and can work on 5 devices at the same time.

Keep in mind that Avast only offers servers in 34 countries. Their total number of servers is 55 and that is relatively very low compared to other VPN providers like ExpressVPN or NordVPN which both has more than 3000 servers each. The only countries Avast has more than one servers are United States (16 servers in 16 states), United Kingdom (2 servers in 2 cities), Spain (2 servers in 2 cities), Canada (2 servers in 2 cities), Germany (2 servers in 2 cities) and Russia (2 servers in 2 cities).


But the most important thing is Avast VPN offers you a kill switch which is compulsory when it comes to protecting your privacy if your connection gets lost. This kill switch will automatically terminate your connection if it were to be detected by a third party. It will kill your current session also. This will definitely help you keep your business private.

Let’s talk about Pros and Cons of Avast VPN

Pros of Avast VPN

  1. Download speed is very high and is on top 10

Since Avast says that their download speed is high with their VPN, I did a test myself. This is my internet speed without the VPN.

speed test
speed test 1

This is when I checked the internet speed while the VPN was running.

US server
US server

You can see that the speed has decreased by a very little percentage. Compared to other VPN services, this is a very high speed.

  1. Security and encryption level is high

Avast offers OpenVPN and IPSec with 256 bit encryption which is actually a military grade encryption. 256 is the strength of the encryption and 256 bit is the best encryption we have up to date. It’s considered brute force proof by many experts around the world.

  1. You can download Torrents

If you are a torrent fan, then you can use this VPN to download torrents if your government don’t allow that in your country. You can choose VPN locations such as Miami, Florida or Prague, Czech Republic to safely download or upload torrents. You can use uTorrent, bitTorrent or anything you prefer.

  1. No Logs
no log activity
no log activity

Avast says that they keep no tabs on your online activities. But keep in mind that they store connection logs that has the time and duration you connect and disconnect to a server. Also it stores the bandwidth you use. Avast says that this data is collected for diagnostic purposes and they want to prevent VPN connection abuse.

But keep in mind that some loggings are happening in the background like most other VPN services and Avast’s privacy policy says that they offer links to third party sites such as Facebook or Twitter. But on an overall level, Avast VPN is a proper VPN.

  1. Very good Customer care with customer call center
cutomer care
cutomer care

There is a number you can call for a free diagnosis. They also has articles, support pages and forums that are full of knowledge about their software. So users can find what they are looking for if you are keen to find it by yourself. They also have a Twitter account where you can send a direct message and they will respond to it. But if you call the support number, they will connect you to the right real human person 24/7 and that’s a huge customer care step rather than a live chat.

  1. Great for both Desktop and Mobile
desktop and phone
desktop and phone

Avast VPN is very simple and user friendly. It takes only one click to hide your IP address so it makes Avast VPN a very good application for both desktop and mobile devices. In both desktop and mobile versions, you can select the server location you want to connect and it’s really easy. You don’t have to be a tech genius to use this VPN.

  1. No Malware or Adware

This VPN will protect you from inadvertently downloading malicious files. The VPN don’t even does its own malicious injections. So it’s very clean.

Cons of Avast VPN

  1. No Router Support.
do not supportrouter
donot support routers

You can install this VPN to a PC or mobile device but you can’t be set up to a router. Even though this is not a big deal, you should keep in mind that installing a VPN to the router is a great way of protecting all of the devices that’s connected to it. This way you can protect your Smart TVs, IoT devices, gaming consoles and everything. Even though this is not a big issue, it is better and best if this VPN supports routers too.

  1. Won’t work with Netflix

If you try to use Netflix while connecting to this VPN then your Netflix won’t work. You will not be able to stream anything from Netflix while connected to Avast VPN. You might be able to do this in the future when Avast VPN manage to outsmart Netflix but for the time being, you can’t do it and there is no way around it.

  1. Bad Jurisdiction

Since Avast is based on Czech Republic, some people are a bit nervous since Czech Republic is friends with countries such as US and UK, they are willing to cooperate with them on sharing intelligence. But there are no evidence regarding anything like that so don’t worry about it.

So on an overall level, Avast VPN is a good VPN and if you are hoping to get it, you should get it because in my point of view, its pros outweigh the cons. I hope this article helps you get a better idea of what Avast VPN is and its features. Good luck.




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