This company was founded in 1993 in United States but this application has become so popular with Corona pandemic. What this basically do is, Deskflex is a scheduling app. Because of the COVID situation, people can’t go to the office at once. Employees must go to the office only if they have to. And even when they go to it, they must follow social distancing protocols.

Well that’s when Deskflex come in handy. With Deskflex, you can schedule your employees work hours to maximize their performance and company’s performance. You can schedule employees’ attendance with the tools Deskflex has to offer in a very effective and efficient way. You can even create a 3D map of your office and assign tables to each employee so they can maintain social distancing protocols. There is a Bluetooth device that Deskflex (Deskflex beacon) that tracks employees’ social distancing protocols. Every employee can simply download the Deskflex app to their android or IOS smart phone and have all these features.

Deskflex app

Deskflex app

Since Deskflex offers its virtual planning and assistance, employees and users won’t get confused when planning and scheduling because everything is so vivid and simple. Deskflex is usable for major companies and even small companies. So the number of employees won’t be a problem when it comes to Deskflex.

You can try the free trial first to check up the application. After that the starting price is $99.92 per year. That package include desk, private room, conference rooms with volume discounts. Keep in mind that this application works both for Android and IOS but there is no pc version. But there is an online web based site where you will have access to the system through your pc.

There are tons of features that Deskflex offers such as Facility Management, Digital Workplace, Meeting Room Booking System, Scheduling, Space Management, Web Conferencing are some of them. All these features will directly help you with running the company during this pandemic time.

The other good thing about Deskflex is that it allows the employees to participate in the planning and scheduling process. Employees can directly inform the management their preferred times to come to the office and their preferred desk in the office. Everything can be done virtually with Deskflex and since everyone can participate in the process, no one will feel uninvolved.

Since Deskflex has a lot of positive feedback from its current users, it’s safe to say that Deskflex can deliver what it offers. So if you are in need of an application like this, Deskflex will definitely help you get out of this COVID outbreak and get your company back on track.