What is Artificial Intelligence?

 AI or Artificial Intelligence is a term that all of us have heard of. But a lot of people have mistaken this word for something else. Most of us think that AI means a tangible robot like a Terminator. It is true but not completely. An Artificial Intelligence can take an intangible form too. For instance, Siri in IPhone can be described as an AI.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have AI algorithms to analyze what you prefer and give you suggestions. Tesla cars and automated cars also have Artificial Intelligence so they can do tasks without human assistance. Basically if a machine can do a single task without human assistance or help, then it has intelligence thus Artificial Intelligence.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (Advantages)

As described above, Social media sites have AIs nowadays to tell the user suggestions. It will analyze the pages you like, posts you share, what kind of adds you click etc. Then those data will run through their algorithms and generates results of what you might like in the future. Then they will appear on your social media wall and in notifications as suggestions.

This process can be done by humans but the amount of data would be too high to analyze by humans. So that’s why AI is introduced to do this task. It is not a lie that facebook has one of the best AIs since it manage to give the user suggestions in a high level of accuracy.

In modern world, we have AIs everywhere. Everything has become smart. Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Smart Cars, Smart Equipment such as coffee machines, cooking machines etc. Everything like that has an AI for a brain so all things are automated. Amazon Alexa is a relevant example for that. You can connect that to your phone and do lots of things.

There are cleaning machines introduced by lots of companies. They can clean the floor without any assistance. There are machines that can do almost all everyday tasks for us without our help and most of them have an AI of their own. This will probably make our day to day life so easy since everything becomes automated.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

First of all, Artificial Intelligence taking over the world will not be a disadvantage since it would never happen (only happens in movies). But there are more real and relevant disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence we will have to face.

High cost of Implementation

Even though AI would help us a lot in the long run, the implementation of it would be high. For example, if you want to automate everything at your home with an AI, the cost of it would be so high. This is one of the biggest barriers we face regarding AI implementation because it is not a cost effective method for the short run (but will definitely be cost effective on the long run).

Can never replace humans

As above mentioned, AIs can never take over the world because they can’t replace humans. They can help humans and do specific tasks for us but can never replace humans with AIs since human mind would always be much more significant and complicated. AIs would most definitely be efficient than a human mind but we can never rely solely on an AI without human assistance.

Doesn’t improve with experience

Us humans always learn from our experience. So when we grow old, we get matured. The more experience we get, the more we know about things. But this method doesn’t apply to AIs. It won’t learn from its experience. It would do the same mistake again and again unless we fix it. That’s why we can never rely on an AI to do complicated tasks by itself.

Artificial Intelligence lacks creativity

Human mind always have creativity. It can be based on art or music or anything. This creativity has always been the foundation of invention. Without creativity, no one can invent new things. You have to be creative to do that. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. Unless you have creativity, you can never invent anything just like AIs. AIs don’t have creativity.

They can do specific tasks by them-selves and as soon as that task gets complicated or advanced, it will fail because it lacks creativity.

With all of this we can see that AI has become something that’s essential for modern society. We can live without it but it would be relatively hard for us since we are getting used to it. So we need AI and it plays a very important role on our modern society.

But also we don’t have to have an unnecessary phobia about AIs since it would not be a dangerous thing. AI has become a huge industry in today’s world and will help the humankind in lots of ways in the very near future.