There are many serious illnesses in man’s body. They may be in one’s hands, legs, skin, bones, kidneys, heart or any other place. We can understand that the most serious diseases are the illnesses in our hearts, because if the heart stops, everything will be over. 

Therefore researchers have invented many medicines for controlling the problems in our hearts. One is isoptin or it can be recognized as verapamil. This one is used by many patients who have long time heart problems. 

Actually the medicine is used for decreasing the thickness of the blood. After using this, the blood won’t clot easily. The thickness will be low as well as it will flow easily and faster than usual.

It is very good as a medicine because most of the people, who have heart problems, die suddenly by clotting the blood in the heart. The arteries or veins in your heart need to be cleared all the time because they bring blood to and from the component in every second. 

According to the doctors, the calcium in our blood is the reason why those nerves are blocked. Therefore the verapamil is there to unblock the nerves. This medicine is worked as an unblocker and always let the blood run easily in the heart. Then most of the doctors are allure to prescribe it for their patients. But taking this for a considerable time will make some effects which you do not want.

Side effects of verapamil

Most of them say that they feel an ache and dizzy in their head after taking this medicine. Some has got rashes and redness in their skin. Some other patients complain that they have to stick in the toilet for a long time and as a result of constipation, they feel vomiting all the time. Some gets tired easily and many of them have got a fever. If you do a test, you may get to know that your liver has a problem too. Do not worry. It happens with the medicine. 

If we think further, actually all of these are just small effects. You can stop the medicine for a day and start it again or if you feel doubtful, you can go to the doctor again and complain.

Not like these, some people get serious side effects of verapamil. They can be listed as follow.

  • Fainting without any reason.
  • A swollen in your ankles.
  • Feel tired hardly even without doing anything.
  • A weight gaining which you cannot stop and cannot understand why.
  • A very slow heartbeat even you cannot touch and feel whether it is beating or not.

Verapamil side effects pregnancy

verapamil side effects pregnancy
verapamil side effects pregnancy

Many people are aware of verapamil is alright with pregnancy or not. The doctors say that it is not good enough if you are having a baby. Those will cause some problems such as,

  • High pressure in your blood.
  • A placental perfusion decreasing.
  • Hypoglycemia.
  • Sometimes the fetal bradycardia.
  • Some other times the neonatal bradycardia.

Also using this will cause a serious problem, because when you are giving birth to the baby, you will bleed too much. It may cause death. It is not good if you are feeding too. The medicine will go to the baby through the milk.

Emotional side effects of Verapamil

Emotional side effects of Verapamil
Emotional side effects of Verapamil

As mentioned here before, the medicine can cause some emotional problems too. You may,

  • Feel dizzy in most of the times.
  • Gets angry without any reason.
  • Feel depressed and do not want to do anything.
  • Feel confused and will not understand what to do in the exact time.

Why is this happening?


Verapamil side effects can come into your body because of many reasons.

As some of the medicines we know, this one too reacts with other medicines taken by you. Even an antibiotic can cause a problem mixing with this one. Therefore you must tell your doctor what are the medicines you use generally before he prescribes his treatments. 

You may think that the medicine you already taken are the pills for the heart and therefore you do not have to tell the doctor.

But it is wrong!

Some pills which are taken for the heart too can react with this one and give you side effects. Not only that, but also the medicine taken for HIV too can cause problems. Therefore you have to explain what the illnesses you have without hiding and without being ashamed, because he is your doctor. He must know. Otherwise the effects will get doubled. 

Usually, the dosage of this one is one hundred and eighty milligrams. You have to take it only once a day and the time will be in the morning for most of the times. Sometimes he doctor will ask you to divide the dosage into two and take twice. It is not too hard because you can remember to take the pill or the injection, one after breakfast and one after the dinner. But you forgot the dosage and took more, you will get affected.

What to do?

If you think you have got some symptoms of side effects, it is better to inform your physician. You have to notice about your health and write down some notes of it, because verapamil side effects long term will harm your body more. Sometimes they will harm your lungs and kidneys too. 

You may misunderstand the effects of this medicine with cold or cough. Some patients complain that they eventually got sore throat, wheezing, rheum and cold after start taking verapamil. But they didn’t care about it because they had thought that it was because of the climate or they had a virus. Actually they had a cold because of the medicine. Therefore remember that you can be misled.

When you think that the medicine affects you but doctor asked to take this without stopping, you can follow some rules. Do not get up immediately if you are sitting or lying. With that, you can stop dizziness as well as vomiting. Notice how your urine looks and drink water more and more per day. Those will normal most of the side effects. Do not open into the rain and dew. Do not stay for late night and fatigue your head, eyes and the whole body. Eat the food with care and try to have a balanced meal. If you do so, Verapamil side effects won’t hurt you anymore. You will be alright.