Latuda is used as a treatment for bipolar depression which is occurred in children who are more than 10 years as well as adults. This article is about Latuda side effects you can get.

Schizophrenia is considered as a mental condition which indicates major symptoms such as; inability to understand the reality, abnormality in behaviour and having a strange speech. Other than these major symptoms there are other symptoms such as; confused thinking pattern, hearing strange voices which are not real, hesitating for social interactions as well as showing emotions, false beliefs, and reduced motivation.

This condition can be controlled using a medicine called Latuda. This medicine is called an antipsychotic medicine. It has the ability to change the chemical effects in affected person’s brain. Adults and teenagers above the age of 13 years old who are affected by Schizophrenia are treated with this medicine. Other than that;

Side effects of Latuda

as a result of taking Latuda as medicine, you get various side effects. Physicians will give their opinion regarding the side effects you are getting by using Latuda as your anti-depression medicine. Of course, you get many benefits but sadly side effects too.

You should be careful with these side effects and consult a doctor to control them. If you are not getting any relief for your sickness but you get the side effects then you should immediately go and meet a doctor. 

there are so many side effects occurring as a result of using Latuda medicine. Those can be categorized as more common, less common, unknown and rare. Commonly we get side effects as; psychomotor impairment, basal ganglia disease, cogwheel rigidity, hypokinesia, nausea, sedated state, altered serum glucose, drooling, akathisia, bradykinesia, drowsiness, muscle rigidity, Parkinson’s disease, drooling, tremor, oculogyric crisis, agitation, dystonia, increased serum prolactin, weight gain, trismus, anxiety, and torticollis.

Apart from those above, there is a possibility that you might get some serious side effects such as;

  • Strokes in older people who have dementia – this might even lead to death
  • Neuroleptic malignant syndrome – this is known as a very serious condition which might even lead to death. It comes with some symptoms such as; high fever, stiff muscles, breath pattern changes, heart rate changes, increased sweating, confusion, and increased blood pressure.
  • Losing the control of the body movements – other side effects of Latuda are; losing the control of the movements of the tongue, face, and other body parts.
  • Metabolic problems – Increase of the blood sugar level and diabetes conditions which could occur because of Latuda can lead you to coma or a serious death. If you get symptoms which are related to high blood sugar level such as; huge thirst, increased urinating time than regular times, increased hunger level, getting tired easily and feeling weak, sick feeling in the stomach, getting confused feelings and fruity smelled breath you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • Blood fat level increasing
  • Weight gain
  • Reduced white blood cell count
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Seizures
  • Hypomania
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Body temperature controlling problems.

The following will give you a detailed description of the side effects in each category.

Latuda side effects bipolar

Latuda side effects bipolar
Latuda side effects bipolar

Among so many side effects caused by Latuda, there are bipolar side effects occurring also. Bipolar side effects mean that the side effects related to mental disorders or depression. When you are taking Latuda you might get bipolar side effects according to your age group.

Adults who are having bipolar depression –

There will be a never-ending restlessness. You might feel like you want to move around all the time.

Sometimes you might feel like it is difficult to move around. Or your movements will be slow. You will feel sleepy and drowsy all the time.

Children (age between 10 to 17 years old) who are having bipolar depression –

They might find it hard to sleep because they are having sleeping problems. Also, they will get nausea sometimes and extra weight gain can be another bipolar side effect.

Latuda sexual side effects

latuda side effects
latuda sexual side effects

When you are taking Latuda for your depression there are chances you may get sexual side effects. Latuda sexual side effects can be considered as a rare case of side effects and sometimes this condition might not be needed any serious medical attention. These sexual side effects might go away with the time when your body is getting used to the medicine. And also there are some methods to reduce or avoid these side effects and you will get more details from your doctor. Below are some rare Latuda sexual side effects you can get.

–           Your interest in having intercourse will reduce

–           Males might find it hard to get erection or keeping it longer.

–           You might lose the ability to have sex or drive or desire or sexual performance.

–           Flames will get unexpected milk flow from their breasts and sometimes they might get an excess milk flow.

Latuda side effects anxiety

Latuda side effects anxiety
Latuda side effects anxiety

When you have anxiety there is a possibility of getting suicidal thoughts. Some anti-depression medicines have a possibility of increasing the suicidal thought in some young adults, children, and teenagers during the first few months of usage. These depression conditions, as well as several other metal condition treatments, might increase your anxiety and therefore might risk you into suicidal thoughts.

Parents and the family of the patients should be cautious whether the person with the depression showing some unusual behaviors such as mood changes, unusual thoughts, feelings or behaviors. The family should be extra cautious about the patient soon after starting the anti-depression medicine as well as a change in the current dosage occurs. If there are any changes in the above conditions please hurry to your doctor. Latuda is not an approved medicine for child depression patients.

Latuda side effects anger

Latuda side effects anger
Latuda side effects anger

There are anger-related side effects also you can get from Latuda. Below are some of them.

–           It might be difficult to control your anger

–           Mania or hypomania

This condition is also known as manic episodes. it has anger-related symptoms such as; having racing thoughts, your behavior become reckless, body energy level increasing, getting very unusual type of ideas, having problems with sleeping because you are feeling restless all the time, overwhelmed happiness or may be overwhelmed with anger, increase in the speed of talking than someone used to be.

You should be careful when you are interacting with people or machinery or other sorts of engagement until the side effects are fading away with time.

  • Wrapping up…

Latuda is an anti-depression medicine which can cause several side effects. Some might be serious, and some side effects might fade with time when the body is getting used to it. If you have serious side effects you should immediately consult a responsible person.