Pristiq is one of the anti-depression treatments which is used for major depressive disorders. This article is about Pristiq side effects. Depression can be considered as a mental disorder which can change your mood in a different way causing you sadness mostly and also losing your interest in everything around you. This condition is also called as the major depressive disorder or in other words clinical depression.

Under this condition, you are affected by many mental situations such as; change of your thinking pattern, change of feelings and behaviour pattern change. Apart from those mental conditions, you will also get affected with physical issues as well as emotional issues. Sometimes you might get the feeling that there is no point of living anymore even though you have everything, and you will find it hard to do your regular day to day activities. If you have these conditions don’t worry it can be treated.

Pristiq Side effects at a glance!

As mentioned earlier Pristiq is an anti-depression medicine used to treat major depressive disorders. It has good and bad both. Even though it treats for the depression it comes with several side effects such as;

  • Your level of sweating will increase than usual
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Feeling drowsy
  • Your mouth becomes dry
  • Constipation effects
  • You will find it hard to get sleep
  • Feeling nauseated
  • You will have less appetite to eat
  • You will feel tightness in your jaw
  • Losing weight
  • Your vision will become blurred sometimes
  • You will get nervousness all the time
  • Your interest in sex will reduce

Make sure that you get immediate medical help in case of allergy reaction you get after using this medication. There is a possibility that you might get allergic reactions such as; skin hives or skin rash, breathing difficulties, face swellings, lip swellings, tongue throat swelling. If you get any of these after taking Pristiq immediately consult a doctor.

If you are having any new symptoms or any worse kind of symptoms you should let your doctor aware of that. Those symptoms might be; changes in the mood or in behaviour, anxiety, sleeping disorders, or any panic attacks and in worst case scenario having impulsive thoughts, getting irritated easily, agitated feeling, feeling hostile, having aggressive thoughts, restlessness, being hyperactive physically as well as mentally, feeling so much depressed or getting suicidal thoughts and wanting to hurt yourself.

Below are another set of symptoms you might get which need immediate medical attention.

–           Having seizure

–           Getting bruises easily and bleeding occurring such as gums bleeding and nosebleeds

–           Urine or stool passes mixed with blood

–           When you are coughing blood comes out from the mouth

–           Eye vision blurred

–           Pain in the eyes or eye swellings

–           When you look at lights you can see halos around them.

–           Unstoppable coughing

–           Discomfort feeling in the chest

–           Breathing irregularities

–           Body sodium level goes down causing headaches, problems in your memory, confused thoughts, unsteady feelings or hallucinating.

Apart from the above, there are many other side effects you can get by using Pristiq. Let us go one by one according to a specific category.

Pristiq sexual side effects

Pristiq side effects sexual
Pristiq side effects sexual

Among various side effects you are getting from using Pristiq as your depression medication you will find Pristiq sexual side effects also. We will go through one by one.

  • You will lose interest in having intercourse.

This is one of the side effects you are getting by using Pristiq. Your sex drive will be lost along with performance. You will lose interest in having sex.

  • Impotence

This is common among men. It means the inability to get an erection or unable to keep the erection for sexual intercourse. As a result of using Pristiq men might face such condition. If such condition occurs you should consult a doctor for proper treatment.

  • Orgasm difficulty

As a side effect of using Pristiq males will find it difficult to get any muscle contraction in the genital area and also females will get a similar condition when engaging in sexual intercourse.

Pristiq side effects go away

Not every side effect of Pristiq is severe or require immediate medical attention. There are some Pristiq side effects which might fade away with time. you don’t have to worry about those and don’t have to go to seek medical help. Those side effects will fade away with the time when you continue to do the treatment because with the time your body gets used to the medicine.  Sometimes you can get the help of your physician to in order to prevent these small side effects or reduce them by occurring. So if you have below side effects you do not need to worry and contact your physician to get their advice.

There are more common side effects which might go away with the time

–           Reduced appetite

–           Lost ability to get an orgasm

–           Lost ability to get an erection or keep it any longer

–           Highly sensitive eyes when you look at the lights

–           Lot abilities to have intercourse, sexual desire performance or drive

–           Always feeling sleepy and getting drowsy unusually

–           Sleeping disorders

There are less common side effects which might go away with the time.

–           Taste changes

–           The confused noises hearing in your ears such as ringing noises or buzzing noises

–           Weight loss

–           Urine passing difficulties

–           Feeling fear unusually and sometimes feeling very nervous

–           Losing hair

–           Reduced strength in the body

–           Certain tastes are missing from the mouth

Pristiq side effects fatigue

Another side effect you can get from Pristiq is fatigue. This condition comes with similar conditions such as; feeling drowsy and sleepy all the time, loss of strength in your body and feeling weak all the time. These fatigue conditions can go away with the time when the medicine is used to your body. But first, you have to keep using the medicine. You can also consult your physician about such conditions and get their advice.

Pristiq side effects weight gain

Pristiq side effects weight gain
Pristiq side effects weight gain

Weight gain is another side effect you are getting from Pristiq. For some users, it might be weight loss and for others, it is weight gain. If your weight gain is not stopping and keep increasing then you should seek the help of your doctor.

Wrapping up…

Pristiq is another anti-depression you can get for your major depressive conditions. There are lots of side effects come with this medicine. Some are severe and some might go away with the time. for severe side effects, you should get the medical attention immediately.