The passing era is more flexible towards natural herbal supplements than artificial ones. Ongoing pandemics and unexpected increases in none communicable diseases have become the cause for this demand. So, nowadays, the majority of people are looking for newer findings on how to use herbal plant products in easy manners in the household setting. Blue lotus flower supplements are one of the best demanding herbal agents to address all these needs of the current era.

Even though we have heard of using blue butterfly pea flower, cumin seeds, black seeds Etc for the objective of yielding health benefits, it is really a new thing to experience products made with blue lotuses. Let’s solve all the questions and answers related to the herbal effects of blue lotus flowers through the following piece of content.

What is a blue lotus?

What is a blue lotus flower?
What is a blue lotus?

This blue coloured beautiful flower is namely a lotus. The scientific name used to denote this is Nymphasea caerulea. But, generally, people know this as blue lotus flower. The other names used to denote the same flower are blue water Lilly, sacred blue Lilly, red lotus and blue Egyptian lotus.

Over the years the ancients used to use this flower as a relaxing medication in the majority of medicinal doses. Yet, since the newer research says it is a psychoactive plant as same as cannabis, following the doses as directed by well-practised health providers is mandatory.

However, as a nature-gifted flower, it helps to maintain biodiversity. The rounded shape of this blue water Lilly is covered by bluish-coloured petals and the yellowish middle circular area makes it a flower of heaven. So, if you need general relaxation at your residency, do not forget to decorate your home with a vase full of blue lotuses.

What is the history of the Blue water lily flower?

What is the history of the Blue lotus flower?
What is the history of the Blue water lily flower?

The soothing scent and the flowery calming look with thousands of bluish petals of the lotus flower have become a sacred sign in many religions including Hindus and Buddhism. The Indians and Egyptians have welcomed the blessing of this sacred flower as the most powerful invisible energy of nature.

There is a popular saying in Buddhism that says the Budda’s way is as similar to a lotus which is represented by the leaves and flowers blooming beyond the water level. The roots yet run along with the mud. But, the scent of the flower or the purifying petals never touched with the mud like the person who walks away from bad powers with the Budda’s learning.

So, the Egyptian lotus flower has such a history to become an example of Buddhist Dhamma sayings. Further, the Buddhist people used to use the eight petals blue water lily flower to denote the harmony of the universe.

When it comes to Hindu’s beliefs, they consider the blue water Lilly seeds as sacred in their religion. This longer lasted belief explains that it is an example of the form of the Divine passed along the reality to touch the tangible shreds of evidence. The reason for this belief was denoted as the lotus seeds with purifying sacred leaves inside. They believe this complete make of the lotus seed with matured shaped sacred leaves denotes the adult blue Lilly plant by giving a real example of human growth.

Apart from that the Indians Hindu people and the others who practice yoga has believed about this plant represents the chant of Paramahansa Yogananda. So, the practice of blue lotus feet has an honour to this chant for a longer period.

Egyptians also have had so many similar beliefs in kingdoms. So, almost all of the kingdoms have used the sacred blue lily flower as the symbol of purification. Wonderfully, there is no momentum in the Egyptian Nile valley without a lotus flower. Similarly, all of the kings had used the signs of lotus on their thrones to attract purification and invisible powers.

Is Blue Lotus flower a drug?

Is Blue Lotus flower a drug?
Is sacred blue lily a drug?

The psychoactive properties of the blue water lily are a well-identified thing in this era. But, it does not say that a blue water lily is a drug. Let’s see what are available evidences to say the safe use of the sacred blue lily flowers is not delivering the effects of a psychoactive drug or alcohol.

A study done by Justin et al in 2017 has mentioned that “blue lotus flower (Nymphea caerulea) is an Egyptian water lily containing apomorphine and nuciferine. Apomorphine has been described as a psychoactive alkaloid and is a non-selective dopamine agonist primarily used to treat Parkinson’s disease as it stimulates dopamine receptors and improves motor function.” in their abstract.

And, the second study which was done by Shimfc et al in 2021 has revealed that excessive doses of blue water lily flower extracts can really cause severe psychological impairments such as hallucinations. But, as they highlighted the safe use of these flower extracts can minimize those complications. The highlighted diluted effect is the tea made with other plant derivatives and Egyptian flower extracts through e-cigarettes.

Another study done by Hyunsu Bae stated that “All parts of N. Nucifera have been used for various medicinal purposes in various systems of medicine including folk medicines, Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine, and oriental medicine. Many chemical constituents have been isolated to date. However, the bioactive constituents of lotus are mainly alkaloids and flavonoids. Traditionally, the whole plant of the lotus was used as an astringent, emollient, and diuretic. It was used in the treatment of diarrhoea, tissue inflammation, and homeostasis. The rhizome extract was used as antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of asteroidal triterpenoid.”

How to use Blue Lotus flower extracts safely?

It is clear that the safe use of blue water Lilly in recommended dosages is not harmful and does not make any alcoholic effects. But, it is still a therapeutic medicine which can be used as a drug under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Especially, it says the extracts of blue water lily flower can address the dopamine release by stimulating substantia nigra of the basal ganglia to stimulate the motor cortex. So, if this works productively, this will be great news for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Is Blue Lotus poisonous?

The extracts of blue water Lilly are used in many industries including indigenous medicine, the e-cigarettes industry and many more. Even though the food and drug administration (FDA) authorities are classified blue lotus as a possible poison, there are no huge restrictions as a seriously controlled substance.

So, still, the legally aged individuals can purchase Egyptian blue lily flower extracts as tea, indigenous drugs or externally applied oils. However, these rules are different from country to country as well as from region to region. So, certain countries such as Latvia, Poland and Russia are extremely against using these Egyptian dream lotus extracts due to the psychoactive effects.

What are the side effects of Blue Lotus?

Even though scientists have revealed the benefits of blue lotus extracts in many papers, people still have certain ways to consume it’s derivatives.

Similarly, no matter what says by FDA, some people totally reject the use of water Lilly extracts while others are overconsuming. So, getting the correct idea about what are the complications of using blue water lily flower powder is the best way to avoid misusing and mal uses.

So, here are the most possible side effects of using blue water lily flowers as a drug. We have created this list on the evidence of the case series done in 2021 by the Schimfc and the team.

  • Confusion and Anxiety – it is no doubt that excessive usage of psychoactive drugs can alter natural nerve conduction velocity and the rhythm in higher centres giving rise to similar side effects as this. The altered mental status can be long-lasting upon high dosage without discontinuation.
  • Slurred speech – The alterations of smooth muscle functions and skeletal muscle interaction of the tongue can directly alter the speech of individuals who use blue lotus extracts continuously without control.
  • Eye problems – Usually, drowsiness along with dilated pupils are common side effects after longer usage of these flower extracts.

Other common side effects include,

  • Chest pain
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle pain
  • Chest pain
  • Alterations in respiratory and cardiac rate

What does blue lotus taste like?

The blue Egyptian flower tea or essence is typically a bit bitter and herbal taste. But, exactly, it is not sweet or salty. So, some people do not prefer the taste. Yet, upon addiction people never give up enjoying the taste. Thus, it can not be said that the blue butterfly pea extracts are not tasty.

What are the benefits of blue lotus?

What are the benefits of blue lotus?
What are the benefits of blue lotus?

Mainly, blue lotus flower contains two types of agents that can create any healthy or harmful effects for the human body on the dosage and frequency of use.

Those are the Nuciferine and Apomorphine. Both these are aporphine alkaloids which have effects on dopamine and receptors.

Even though the Apomorphine has direct effects on dopamine and serotonin receptors. It is not a selective drug as a highly recommended dopamine agonist in western medicine. So, definitely, the flower extracts can give rise to complications. Further, this is known as a serotonin modulating agent as well.

Nuciferin also acts on dopamine and serotonin receptors by giving mixed effects. Which acts as agonist, antagonist and inhibitor on different levels.

So, this is popular in treating conditions such as depression, insomnia, schizophrenia-like mental impairments, Parkinson’s disease-like movement disorders and erectile dysfunction in some instances. But, it says the overuses can again cause complications like erectile dysfunctions and mental impairments.

And, even though the Egyptian wonderful flower extracts are considered psychoactive drug agents which can be an addiction, it also use to treat alcohol use disorder. So, the health care providers use safe doses and frequencies to continue the withdrawal process of alcohol.

But, all these positive effects and benefits of blue water lily flower extracts depend on the quality, dosage and frequency of use.

What does blue lotus smell like?

The blue lotus essence is primarily used in incense burners as a calming agent. So, generally, it has a pleasant flowery smell which can be used as a relaxing fragrance.

What is blue lotus tea good for?

As we discussed so far, this wonderful Egyptian blue Lilly flower is good for many health care issues such as depression, erectile problems, movement disorders and sleep disorders.

Apart from that, this is a general mind relaxant which can use as a fragrance for incense burners and herbal tea. The externally applicable blue lotus flower oil are perfect muscle relaxant used in spa therapies.

Can you grow blue lotus indoors?

If we answer this question directly, yes, you can grow blue lotus flower indoors in small ponds. But, as this is an aquatic plant, it must have proper care to ensure optimal growth.

Usually, we can find certain varieties of blue water Lilly, the plants with rounded leaves and thin leaves are the better known two varieties for indoor use.

However, you need to maintain optimum conditions of humidity, pH, temperature, cleanliness and enough nutrients in the water ponds. But, even though you have provided all the optimal conditions it is rare to have a flower as similar in size and colour by indoor planting as eco planting in the outside natural environment.

Is Blue Lily the same as blue lotus?

Often, both these names are used to denote the same flower in the general community. But the blue lotus flower and blue Lilly are two different plants with minor alternatives.

If you closely observe the blue water lily plants, you may be identified that there are minor changes in petal sizes, leave sizes and amounts from plant to plant. Usually, the flowers with rounded edges and petals are known as blue Lillies while the flowers with triangular edges of petals and longer stems which grow above the water levels are known as blue lotus.

Even though we state this, it is really difficult to differentiate both these plants from one another. So, generally, blue lotus is considered as all the names of blue Lilly, Egyptian blue lotus, Egyptian Lilly and many more names.

But, when you are using blue lotus for herbal tea recipes, and to prepare other herbal agents such as oils, capsules and pills you must consider whether you have selected the correct species to prevent possible toxicities.

Can blue lotus help you lose weight?

The study conducted by “Du” which was published in 2010 has revealed so many secrets about using blue lotus flowers and leaves to prevent obesity. This study has been conducted under the title of “Antiobesity and hypolipidemic effects of lotus leaf hot water extract with taurine supplementation in rats fed a high-fat diet”. And, the researchers have concluded that the blue water lily flower and leaf extracts can mobilize fat tissues compared to other similar herbal agents.

But, since this study is based on rats with obesity, further studies are needed to use this for the community as strong evidence.

Is blue lotus good for your skin?

Wonderfully, the oxidative effects of blue lotus flower oil can combat several skin conditions effectively. Especially, this is known as the best skin care agent to prevent oily skin. But, it also said that the blue Lilly oils can effectively work for dry and damaged skin.

So, typically, the ointments, moisturising agents and facial washes with sacred blue lily flower extracts are known as the best for all skin types. Further, it is a known beneficial agent to prevent ageing due to its antioxidant properties that prevent the body’s general oxidative reactions.

The uses in pimple care treatments of the blue water lily flowers are also proved by general users. But, more studies are needed to prove this fact.

Where to buy blue lotus flower online?

You can buy blue lotus flowers from any local flower shop. If it is grown in your area or native to your country it will not be difficult to find a bunch of blue water lily flowers in the local market.

But, if you are unable or do not have much time to visit local flower shops, the best way is to browse through the online stores. Many of the online sellers on Etsy, eBay and Amazon-like worldwide online selling platforms and the small-scale sellers through Facebook and other social media are selling the fresh flowers and all derivatives.

So, it is not a difficult task to buy blue water lily flowers for your needs.

The Verdict

Blue Lotus flower which is also Alice as blue Lillies, Egyptian Lillies and Sacred blue flower is popular worldwide as a herbal agent. Apart from that this flower has historical importance in Buddhist, Hindu and Egyptian histories and religions.

Since recent research has revealed that the blue egyptian lotus flower extracts are psychoactive and can create harmful effects at high doses and high-frequency use, you must ensure the safe use of this herbal agent to prevent possible complications and to enjoy remarkable health effects.