This happens when a spider bites your lovely puppy. But most of the times, you don’t have to panic. But sometimes it’s better if you know the basics of spider bite on dog because it might save your precious’s life.

What does a spider bite looks like on a dog?

When the bite is not severe on the dog, it looks like a pimple. It’s really easy to realize because the bite is the size of a bean. If the spider bite on your dog looks like a pimple, then you don’t have to worry about anything. It will get better on it’s own. It’s because it’s not severe. It was done by a non venomous spider. So apply some cream and give your good dog a treat.

But if the spider bite on dog looks spreaded, then you have to take your dog the the vet immediatly because it’s an allergic reaction and it might lead to something worse if it’s too late. It can lead to death if it’s too late because these kinds of bites can be lethal for dogs. It’s because this was done by a very venomous spider. In these scenario, some might say that it’s not a venomous spider. But some spiders are highly venomous for dogs but not venomous one bit for humans. So if the spider bite on your dog looks spreaded through an area, then please take your precious dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Symptoms of spider bite on dog

There are multiple symptoms for this. Generally itching, swelling and redness can be noticed. But if the bite is severe, you can notice Fever and weakness. Also they will feel muscle and joints pain. So if they walk differently or make weird noises when they walk, it’s a symptom. If the severrity becomes worse, it can lead to seizure.

How to treat a spider bite on dog

There are two ways you can treat your dog when this happens

Take the dog to the nearest wet

If you see a severe spider bite on your dog, then it’s better if you take your dog to the nearest vet as soon as possible. But if you are unable to do that, then the second method is the best for you.

Home remedy for spider bite on dog.

This is easy. You just need Baking soda and Water. Combine Baking soda and Water with 3:1 ratio. Then apply it on the bite on your dog. Then wait for about five to seven minutes. Then wash it off with clean running water. Do this multiple times per day and the symptoms will starts to fade off. Make sure that you clean it up with running water. Otherwise it might lead to swelling of the wound.

Common spider bites that comes from different spiders.

There are mainly three common spiders that bites dogs mostly. They are Black Widow, Wolf Spider and Brown Lecluse. Below are pictures of these different spider bites look like.

Black Widow

This is not big. It’s less than one centimeter. And there are no swellings but the itching is severe. At first this maybe looks like a non-severe spider bite. But even though the bite looks small, this can lead to death. Symptoms can be severe muscle pain and cramping. You can notice these symptoms if your dog walks like drunk. But after that, the dog can get temporary paralyze as a symptom. In this stage, diarrhea and vomiting are very common. So you should take your dog to the vet if the symptoms are this severe.

Wolf Spider

This spider bite looks like a very small pimple. It’s almost impossible to even notice. Almost all wolf spider bites are not venomous for both dogs and humans. So the most common symptom for dogs would be itching. As a treatment, you can clean the wound with baking soda and water. But very rarely, this can lead to allergic reactions. If that happens, it’s better to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

Brown Recluse

This bite usually looks deep. It looks like a knife wound because of Brown Recluse’s huge fangs. Most of the time this is not fatal. There are no swellings and you can barely see any symptoms. So most of these spider bites would go unnoticed. But if the dog’s immune system is weak or the dog is suffering from other diseases at the time of the spider bite, then this could lead to kidney failures in the long run. Then it could later be fatal.