Bed bugs are dark brown insects that feed on blood from other animals or humans. A grown bed bug is roughly 2-3 millimeters of size. After they feed on blood, they grow large in size and their body color turns to reddish. They don’t have wings and they are thin like a paper when not feed on blood.

How to Identify Bed Bugs and how to get rid of them

They can’t fly and they can’t go long distance by themselves. But they can move through walls and floor very quickly. And they will hide in your luggage and clothes. So when you go home, they can spread afterward.

Are bed bugs poisonous?

Bed bugs are not poisonous. But sometimes these bites can lead to allergic reactions. If that happens, then you must seek medical attention immediately. But in most cases people mistake these bites for mosquito bites. So you must check your bed and pillow to find bed bugs first, in order to identify these bites. Then if there are bed bugs on your bed and pillows, you must take immediate action.

How to exterminate bed bugs

If your bed room has bed bugs, then you will definitely have to use chemical treatments. First put your beddings and pillows outside directly to sun light. Then bed bugs would get out from them if they are exposed to direct sun light. Then use chemicals in your room to exterminate the rest inside the room. But make sure to use bed room friendly products, otherwise you might get allergies later on from them. You can use those chemicals on your beddings and pillows but before that, make sure that the chemical you use is specifically says that it can be used on beds and pillows.

But with most chemicals, you can’t destroy the eggs. So they will grow again if you don’t destroy the eggs. The easiest way for this is to pour hot boiling water on your bed so that will make eggs explode.

These bed bugs mostly hide in corners of the bed and tight places. So you will have to clear the whole room before putting chemicals inside. It’s better if you put boiling hot water on all things inside the room. Such as tables, chairs, hangers etc. Then keep them outside till they dry off by sun light. Then after the chemicals poison fades from the room, get them back inside the room like it was before.

How to identify bed bugs

You will get bites on your hand and on your legs. But they will most probably looks like mosquito bites but those bites itch a lot more than usually mosquito bites. If these itches become severe, it can remove skin by scratching. So it’s better to look for signs to see if there is a bed bug infestation on your room. Here are the signs you can look for.

  • Blood stains on your sheets.
  • Dark or rusty spots on your bed sheets and pillows. These are due to bed bug excrement. These spots sometimes can be seen on walls also.
  • Bed bug fecal spots, egg shells and shredded skin in areas that bed bugs hides. Eggs can’t be noticed quickly because they are very small like dust. So it’s better to focus on other signs in this case.
  • A musty stinky smell can be found in the room if the infestation is severe.

If you see these signs, then remove your bed sheets and check for bed bugs. If there are bed bugs, then you will see them very easily because in most cases, there is a lot, not just few. If you find them, then immediately take action. If the infestation spreads to other rooms in the house, then it will be worse and hard to exterminate them after that. So when you clean your room, make sure that bed bugs don’t get a chance to move to other rooms.

Bed bugs feed on blood but it won’t transmit diseases. So they only spread on rooms that you usually sleeps because they are mostly active at night. So make sure those rooms are sealed off when you exterminate them on your room. Otherwise there is a high possibility that they can spread to other rooms.