Have you ever wondered how many bones in the human body? Well, it is not a thought which comes to our mind every day. But sometimes on some occasions we wonder about it. If you search on the internet regarding this matter you will get the answer as 206. But that value is wrong. Humans are different from each other. They vary from each other by their features, heights, the color of the hair, and the size and shape of the body, etc. Not only from the outer appearance but also the human body varies from each other from inner arrangements too.

When we consider our bone structure it also varies from person to person. In our body there are small bones called sesamoids which are distributing the pressure caused by our grips and walks evenly. Some people are gifted with around 20 of these sesomoid bones and some are not. So no one can say that we have exactly 206 bones in our body.

Bone graft teeth

bone graft teeth
bone graft teeth

Are you worried that your mouth is missing one tooth or more than one tooth?

According to the new technology current world is dealing with you do not have to worry at all. There are dental implants are available for your missing teeth and after you have done a dental implant you cannot tell the difference between the real teeth and the implanted teeth. Both are the same and feel and act the same. But for some dental implants, the patient might need a bone graft. Let us see in which occasions these bone graft teeth are needed.

Normally a dental implant is done by two steps. The first thing is creating a root for the tooth by inserting a small cylinder made out of metal into the patient’s jawbones with a supportive abutment. It works in the same way as the natural root.

If the patient has very thin jawbones or soft bones then it will be impossible to hold the implant steadily in your jaw bones. So if the jawbones are not strong enough then the tooth implanting surgery will be a failure. When conditions like this occur your dental surgeon will suggest a bone graft for your implant surgery. That way the bone graft will hold your implant o place.

Bone and joint clinic

The main task of the bone and joint clinic is to provide their service in restoring your damaged or fractured bones as well as joints back in a fully healthy way as much as possible. They treat their patients who have bone diseases and orthopedic injuries in their clinic in a very caring manner in order to get a fast recovery.

Most of the bone and joint clinics have the newest best technologies in radiology, occupational therapy and physical therapies. They also offer you with their MRI services including the best caring staff, physicians and facilities.

From most of the clinics, you can get treatments for your bone and joints issues such as; arthritis, fractures, Adult Reconstruction / Joint Preservation, Shoulder / Upper Extremity, Hip & Knee Arthroscopy, Hand Surgery, and Knee Surgery.

What is the strongest of bones in the human body?

Our thigh bone is the strongest bone in our body.

Our thigh bone
Our thigh bone

Have you ever wondered what part of your human skeleton is the strongest or what is the strongest bone in the human body? Well among the so many parts of our human skeleton the leg bones are altogether considered as the strongest bone part of your body. It is because or leg bones are holding our entire body weight while helping us to do our leg movements.

Among these leg bones, our thigh bone is considered as the strongest single bone. It is also called the femur. Not only the femur is the strongest bone in the human body but also it is the longest and heaviest bone in our body. So femur does a major role in our skeleton.

Femur helps our body activities such as running, walking, standing and, jumping and at the same time bear our body weight while we are doing the movements. The shape of it is almost cylindrical at the most parts along its length.

The thighbone is structured to bear extreme strengths such as closely to the 2500 pounds. this femur bone can be damaged in big accidents like falling from very tall heights and brutal car accidents. if that bone got broken on such occasions it will take a long time to heal.

What is the smallest bone in the human body?

Stapes is the smallest bone in the human body.

You can find this smallest bone located in your middle ear. In the mid-ear part of the human body there are three bones available. They are; Stapes, Malleus, and Incus. Stapes is the smallest bone among them as well as the smallest bone in the human body. It has a ring shape to that.

The size of the Stapes is 3 x 2.5 mm. the three bones of the mid-year are altogether known as ossicles. The task of it is to carry pressure waves with the sound from outside of the ear through the eardrum to the inner part of the ear. At the inner eat those sound waves are converted into impulses in the nerves so brain can identify the sounds.

The largest bone in the human body

As mentioned earlier our thigh bone, which is named as the femur is the strongest as well as the largest bone in the human body. It is larger in size because the femur is created to bear our body weight. So it has to be strong and larger in size.

The longest bone in the human body

Femur comes here again because it is not only the strongest and largest bone in the human body but also it is the longest bone in the human body.

How many bones in the foot?

Foot Bone
Foot Bone

There are 26 bones in out foot.

If you ever had the question that how many bones in the foot are there to bear your body weight and help you to move then the answer is 26 bones. You have 26 bones in your foot and 33 joints. Among those 33 joints, only 20 joints remain active most of the time.

Human foot bones

Earlier it was mentioned that we have 26 bones in our foot. These bones are categorized into three sections.

1.            Tarsal bones

Tarsal bones are at the back of the foot in the combination of seven bones. These bones are included ankle bones, heel bones, and tarsals.

2.            Metatarsal bones

These bones are located in the middle part of the foot.

3.            Phalanges

These are toe bones.

The reason behind the bone spurs on top of the foot

This happens under the conditions of osteoarthritis. When this occurred, bone cartilage gets deteriorate with the time. To overcome the reduced cartilage bones are starting to grow extra bones named as bone spurs.

How many bones are in the hand?

hand bones

There are 27 bones existing in the human hand.