Why are these recent medical technologies would be useful for modern medicine?

Modern medicine has come a long way since it began but it still has to go a very long way. But with the help of technology, medical science is now on a verge of doing things that were considered impossible. Therefore technology plays a huge role on medical science. Let’s look at some of the recent most impacted technological medical discoveries that exist today.


With our technology, the patient doesn’t always have to visit the doctor face to face to get checked up. With Telehealth concept, the patient will be able to get healthcare through digital devices. This method will be mainly beneficial for patients with chronicle conditions since it can provide consistent and cost effective care instantly.

Precision Medicine

With this, the treatments and medicine will be customized specifically for the individual patient. This method will be far more effective for treating conditions like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. With this, the treatment will be able to attack the source in a more effective and efficient manner since the treatment is specifically configured for that specific patient through genetic make-up.

Wireless Brain Sensors

These sensors will dissolve after a while when they are inserted onto the brain. So doctors can get temperatures and pressure within the brain so additional surgeries will not be required after using these sensors. They are made of specially made plastic that will dissolve after the job is done.

Smart Inhalers

For conditions like asthma, inhalers are the number one treatment but studies show that only half of patients have their condition under control using inhalers and almost 95% don’t even use inhalers properly. So in order to help these asthma patients control their condition, these smart inhalers are introduced. They are connected through Bluetooth to the phone so it will record every time the patient use it with time and the amount used to inhale so if the patient miss any dose or don’t use it properly, the device will indicate it and tells the patient to inhale it again thus controls the condition properly.

Robotic Surgery

This implementation is highly unlikely to replace real surgeons. It will only help real surgeons to do tasks that are very difficult or nearly impossible. This will help the surgeon get more additional information about the surgery in real time through augmented reality so the surgeon will be able to do the procedure with more precision and accuracy. This will increase the success of the procedure a lot and will improve the patient’s recovery speed exponentially.

3D Printing

3D printing is a very famous thing and it’s used on almost all fields. So medical field is no different. With this technology, it’s possible to print implants and even joints that are damaged or have to be removed. Also 3D printed prosthetics are highly acceptable since they can be completely customized for the patient. With digital technology, these prosthetics can be measured to the last millimeter so the patient will feel more comfortable and mobile.

These are not the only technologies that help modern medical science. There are a lot more and will be a lot more in the future so the medical field will grow exponentially with the help of technology to a level that we can’t imagine.