There are multiple reasons for you to find user location from Whatsapp. Maybe you want to know your friend’s location when he says that he will be there in 5 minutes or maybe you want to know if your loved ones are safe by knowing their location.

Maybe you want to know the location of your teenage daughter to know if she’s safe or maybe you want to know if your spouse is cheating on you. For all of those above scenarios and many more, you have the ability to know the truth by knowing their current location and that is something you can obtain via Whatsapp.

In modern world, almost everyone uses a smart phone and most of them use Whatsapp. Therefore, if you know a way to get their physical location in the real world through Whatsapp then that means most probably you can use that method on that person.

So let’s talk about ways you can find user location from Whatsapp.

Share current location via Whatsapp (Easy and will take only 2-3 minutes)

The easiest way of knowing the user location is to simply ask for it because you can share your current location with anyone via Whatsapp. With this you can also find out the estimated time arrival, the easiest path to meet up and everything. If the other person won’t mind if you know their location then this is the method for you.

This is how you do it.

Step1– Open a chat (a private or a group chat) then click on the attach icon button

Step2– Select “location” in the list and choose “share live location”

Step3– You have to select the duration that you are going to share your location before sharing. After you choose that, the location will be shared to the recipient or recipients in your chat or group chat. You can share your live location for 15 minutes, 1 or 8 hours.

Share current location via Whatsapp

Share current location via Whatsapp

Your current location will be shown using Google maps. You can stop sharing your location at any time. Below are screenshots for each step. Keep in mind that this is a method that works both ways. You can share your live location to that person at the same time and also you must have that person’s consent for getting their location. This is not a method that you can do without that person knowing. So if you want to catch someone in a cheating act or something like that, this method is not for you.

Track and find user location from Whatsapp without user knowing (Easy and will take about 5 minutes)

There are other methods you can use to find user location from Whatsapp like via command prompt, hosting an IP address but for that you must be good at working with tech. Otherwise it will not be easy for you to pull that off. But fear not because this is a method for you if you are not tech savvy and the other person would not share their current location with you. The person will have no idea that you are getting his or hers location when you use this method so you don’t have to worry about getting caught.

If that’s your scenario, you can use a third party solution like kidsGuard Pro. This is a perfect GPS tracking technology method that will help you find your loved ones current location. You can download it from the below link.

kidsGuard Pro

kidsGuard Pro

There are lots of advantages of using kidsGuard Pro and here they are.

  • You can use it to locate anyone even if they are not on your Whatsapp contact list.
  • After you install kidsGuard Pro, you can remotely track them without alerting them.
  • Because the app is hidden in the target’s phone, you have the ability to track them without notifying them.
  • Not only you can track their current location, you can also track previous locations too.
  • You don’t have to be tech savvy to use this application. You can simply download it, install it and then use it however you please.

kidsGuard Pro has earned a huge reputation among the industry and other similar applications also recommend it. So you don’t have to think twice to use it. You can download it from and install it to your phone. This application is mainly focused on scenarios where parents can keep an eye out for their children but you can use kidsGuard for other purposes also.

The only disadvantage of this method is you have to get ahold of the other person’s mobile phone for the initiate step. You must have access to it for at least one time so you can download and install the application for your target’s phone. So in general, this method will not be practical if you don’t know that person or can get close to them physically.

These are the steps you have to follow to properly use it.

Step1– First sign up using your personal email and purchase a plan. Yes it will cost you a bit but it will be totally worth it since they will produce the best results. You don’t have to worry about your target finding out about it since the application will be hidden from their phone after installing.

Step2– Get the target’s phone and download the app and install it. Use the above link for that. The setup will be very clear on the application’s interface (if it’s the target or not) so you can simply follow the instructions.

Step3– You will notice that the application icon disappears from the phone but don’t worry. It’s because then the target won’t find out about the application. Now you can login from your phone and get the location of that phone. If in need, kidsGuard Pro will allow you to check even Whatsapp messages, photos and many more. You can check the live demo and experience the process before using.

using kidsGuard Pro

using kidsGuard Pro

Find User location from Whatsapp via command prompt (Medium and will take about 10 minutes)

You can also find user location from Whatsapp using command prompt from your computer or laptop. This method is also easy but for this to work, your target must have Whatsapp on their computer or laptop (not the mobile version).

The best advantage of this method is you don’t need any kind of access to the other person’s computer or laptop. Also they will have no idea that you are getting their physical location from Whatsapp. Also you don’t have to be an expert in tech to do this method. If you know the basics and can follow the below steps by yourself, then you can achieve your goal through this method.

This is how you do it.

Step1– Install Whatsapp to your computer and start a chat with the person you want to track so you can get their IP address.

Find user location from Whatsapp via command prompt

Find user location from Whatsapp via command prompt

Step2– Close all the applications except the browser you are currently using so nothing will interfere with the process. Then open the task manager by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Step3– Then open “Run” function on your computer by hitting Win + R. Then type “cmd” on the box to open the command prompt.



Step4– Type “netstat-an” in the command prompt and hit enter. After that write down the IP address that appears then close down the command prompt.

Step5– Finally you can go to and then enter that IP address and you can find out the estimated location.

Keep in mind that for this method to work, that person (your target) must have Whatsapp on their computer or laptop and must send that message in step1 via their laptop. Otherwise you won’t get their IP address and this method won’t work. So this might not work the first time you use it since most people have What’sapp one their phones also. So you have to wait till that person use their desktop version of Whatsapp. Therefore patience is the name of the game.

Find User Location from Whatsapp using tracking app (Hard and will take 20 minutes)

If you are a tech enthusiast or love to learn technological methods regarding finding user location from Whatsapp then this method is suitable for you. You can create your own tracking link and send it to your target and this link will provide you with their current location.

This is how you do it.

Step1– First you must need a web hosting account. You can create one on Hostgator, My3gb or 000webhost. Then log into your account and click “File Manager”. Then download the zip file that has the name “Tracking zip file”.

Step2– After that zip file downloads, unzip it and you can see 3 files in it. Upload these 3 files in the root folder of the file manager in your hosting account (public_html).

Step3– Then the link you have to send to your target (the device you are hoping to track) will be named as Keep in mind that the link name would be this only if you use My3gb to create your hosting account. If you use another web host, then the name will change according to that site.



You can find all the information about the device you are currently tracking on the log.txt file on your root folder. In this method, the target will have no idea that you are tracking their Whatsapp activities but since you are sending them the link, they might get suspicious if they know tech related stuff.

Otherwise they might think that you send it by a mistake and ignore it after opening it. You have to be creative at that point because otherwise you might get caught. So think of a way to avoid confrontation if they get suspicious when you send them the link in the third step. Tell them that a friend sent you that link and told you to forward it to your friends or something believable.

Find User location from Whatsapp using InspectLet (Hard and will take more than 30 minutes)

InspectLet allows you to track down IP addresses of people you chat with via Whatsapp and Facebook and let you find user location from Whatsapp and Facebook. This method is not like the ones we talked above but you can always try this also. The only disadvantage on this method is that this method has a relatively high cost.

Nonetheless, let’s talk about this method too.

Step1– First register on the below link and then log into your account.



Step2– You will be given a tracking code that you can send to the person you want to track.

Step3– When that person opens the link you will start to get their location from InspectLet and other data.

These are the most famous and most used methods of tracking and finding user location from Whatsapp. If you are new to this, I recommend you to try the first method at first and only if that doesn’t work out for you, go on to the next method and so on. But you can always try all the methods out if you are interested. But I advise that you try it out with a friend first before using it on the person you really wants to track because otherwise you might not succeed in this.

If you get caught doing this by your target then you will not be able to face them again so always have a backup plan if you feel like you are going to get caught. Like in the fourth method, when you send the tracking link, they will get suspicious at first. So you will have to make up a lie so you will be in the clear (maybe tell them that it was sent by mistake or a friend send it to you and told you to forward it to your friends or something) but make sure that they would believe you because if you get caught, then the whole work would be worthless.