Before telling you how to get udemy courses for free, let’s talk about what Udemy is and the importance of it.

Udemy is an American based company that was established in 2009. The goal of Udemy is to provide massive online courses specifically for adults and professionals. Currently Udemy has over 35 million students and has instructors around sixty thousand. The course contents have over 65 languages (not just English). They also provide online courses on almost every subject including programming, philosophy, logic, language literature, poetry etc.

Advantages of using Udemy courses

There are tons of advantages for you if you use Udemy as a student or as an instructor. Let’s talk about advantages you can get from Udemy as a student

  1. You don’t need any kind of prequalification to take any course. If you are interest to take any course, you can just simply take it. No need to think if you have any prior knowledge relating the course you want to take because every course is made in a way that anyone can do it properly and complete it if they really want it.
  2. The content in Udemy is viewable on any device such as mobile phones, tabs (not just laptop or PC). So you can use them anytime you like. If you are travelling somewhere and have lots of time to kill while sitting inside a vehicle, then Udemy can help you kill time in a very useful way. Udemy very easy to access with a phone and you don’t need to be an expert to do that. You will be able to do it properly in the very first attempt.
  3. Udemy offers a huge range of content. If you are interested in anything, chances are Udemy already has necessary course content for you. So no need to worry before choosing Udemy because yes, you might have doubts that maybe Udemy might not have what you need but never assume that because the chances of Udemy not having what you need is so low, you could not even consider that chance. So keep your doubts away and if anyone tells you otherwise, tell them ok and use Udemy anyway because you will get what you need.
  4. The costs of Udemy courses are very low or sometimes free. So you can do them even if money is tight for you at the moment. The benefit you completing a course will almost always outweigh the cost of doing them so if you really wants to do a specific course or courses from Udemy, you definitely should do it without thinking if it would be worth it because most definitely it will be.
  5. There is a guarantee that you can get your money back before 30 days. So if the course you choose does not fit your need, then you can get your money back. This is another main reason for you to choose Udemy for your education purposes because you will never have to waste money if you go with Udemy. If the course you pay is not what you want, you can simply get a refund and since 30 days is more than enough for anyone to figure out if the course they paid is what they really want or not, it’s completely reasonable from Udemy’s side and a huge advantage for the user too.
  6. If you enrolled to a course, you will have lifetime access to it. After you pay the subscription, your access will never expire. That means after you pay for a specific course or courses, you don’t have to worry about if you lose access to it. You can even wait a couple of years till you have enough time to finish that course. It won’t matter how long you need to take, Udemy will give you access as much as you need. Even after you finish the course, they won’t remove your access to it.
  7. You will have access to previous reviews for the courses you choose. So you can see for yourself if the course you choose would be worthy. All positive and negative reviews for each course are visible for you. Udemy won’t filter those reviews. So make sure that you read reviews in an overall level because sometimes good courses also have at least some negative reviews so if you read one like that at the first time and ignore the course because of that then that would be your loss. So keep an open mind when you read reviews.
  8. Lots of courses offer completion certificates. But those would not be accepted when you apply for a job if that company is not familiar with it. So if you are using Udemy for purposes like that, it’s better to find out that they accept Udemy courses as qualifications. So don’t think that if you finish a course, that would be a qualification for getting a job. It would be but not all the time so if you are using Udemy to get a specific job for a specific company then make sure that they know what Udemy is and the importance of it. If not, your money, time and effort spend on Udemy will be a waste.

Easiest way to get Udemy courses for free

If you want to enjoy the above advantages then you must have access to Udemy. If you have a way to get Udemy courses for free then that would not be an issue. So let’s talk about how you can achieve that.

  1. First visit Udemy main site. You can go to it from the below link.

Go to the above link and search for the category you want. It can be IT, Photography, Poetry, Marketing, Accounting, Management, Quality Assuarance, UI/UX or anything.

Keep in mind that Udemy tries their best not to show you their free courses. But you can see them from the next step.

  1. After you search for what you want, apply the basic filter to show you all

free courses. To do this, click on the filter icon.

Then the below page will be shown. In it select the “free” checkbox and select “done”. Then it will filter all the free courses you can have.

How to get Udemy Courses for free

How to get Udemy Courses for free

  1. Since you have now chosen the “free” filter, you can see all the free

courses for the category you choose at first. You can also see that these free courses are very popular and have high ratings also. So you don’t have to have any doubts of choosing them.

get Udemy Courses for free

get Udemy Courses for free

As a bonus, these courses have all the advantages that were mentioned in this article including completion certificates, lifetime access, access to previous reviews etc.

Also Udemy has given a chance to users to find premium courses that are given free by the instructors. The reason for this is, Instructors give their courses free at first so they would get a chance to build up their reputation and get more and more reviews. After that they would charge for them. So if you get in first then you can have good courses for free.

Even though this is the best method to get Udemy courses for free, there are other methods too that you do to get Udemy courses for free.

  • Contact the instructor directly and ask for it

The success rate of this method is not so great but you can try it. You can get the contact details of the instructor you prefer from Udemy and contact them and tell them your situation. Since they have put a lot of work into their course content, getting a free pass would be highly unlikely but it’s worth a try.

If you can really persuade them then you might have a chance but don’t have your hopes up when you use this method to get Udemy courses for free because as I said before, the probability of being success in this method is relatively low.

  • There are websites that issue free coupons for Udemy courses.

If you seek out websites that issue free coupons for Udemy courses then you can get Udemy courses for free without paying. But be aware that most of these sites provide false or outdated information. Most of these sites give you a link where you can get courses for free but when you go there, it’s won’t do that.

The reason for this is that site would get a commission if you purchase an Udemy course through their provided link. So keep that in mind. Always be aware when you seek websites that issue free coupons for Udemy courses. It’s better if you ask from someone you know if they have found a website like this because then it would be less risky.

  • Visit a forum where you can get lots of Udemy instructors.

If you visit Quora or Reddit, you can find a lot of Udemy instructors. As promotion, they would give out limited number of free coupons for their Udemy contents. If you visit platforms like that, then there is a chance you can get a free coupon like that.

But you have to be socialized in these platforms and explain to them why they should promote their course contents through you. Because they would give you access to their content for free only if they think that you are worthy of it. So you have to make sure that they think that. Otherwise you won’t succeed in this method.

So basically this is what you can get from Udemy and ways you can get that from Udemy. There are pros and cons in everything so you have to think for yourself if your effort worth the final result. If so then you can follow these steps carefully and achieve your end results.

Good luck and happy studies!