Why you should choose Japan to travel

Text- Japan is an Island in East Asia and is mostly famous for their cutting edge technologies and ancient art. There are a lot of UNESCO announced world heritages at Japan. This is a county that is so rich in natural beauty and human made beauty. If you visit there, you can experience how Japanese people live and how polite they are. You can travel a lot in Japan and will have all the facilities you need. Since it’s an Island, there are a lot of beautiful beaches there. So you can go swim or surf there. Thus you don’t have to think twice to visit there.

Places to visit in Japan


Tokyo is the capital of Japan. If you visit there, you can see lots of beautiful places. You can go and see the Imperial Palace which is a very famous one of a kind palace that can only be seen in Japan. If you are a shopping fan, then Ginza District is the best place for you. You can go shopping for any kind of things and there will be no limit to how much you can shop there. Also The Senso-ji Temple is a magnificent place you must visit if you go to Tokyo. If you visit the National Museum of Nature and Science, you can learn so many interesting things regarding both nature and science. If you are a nature lover, you can visit Ueno Park and Zoo. The Tokyo Sky tree is something that’s hard to miss because if you visit Tokyo, you will be able to see it even from afar. And you can visit it and have a stunning view from top. Overall wise, Tokyo is a place you don’t have to think twice to go to.


Kyoto is famous for a lot of things. Buddhist vegetarian fare, its sublime kaiseki and its tofu are some of them. If you are a foodie, this is the best place to try out main classical Japanese cuisine at once. Not only that, there are a lot of marvelous temples and shrines there that you can visit. Also the rivers and the sceneries are somewhat unique. These photogenic places are so beautiful and mesmerizing, You have to see them if you ever visit Japan specially The Golden Pavilion, Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Katsura Imperial Villa.


This is a place that’s full of natural beauties. If you want to relax, then Hakone has a hot spring and its ideal for relaxation.  You can also visit the small town Owakudani which is covered in volcanic smoke most of the time. That town is famous for its black hardboiled eggs. You must try it if you visit there and the locals believe eating a black hardboiled egg will expand your lifespan by 7 years. There are a lot of lakes in Hakone and they are beautiful, especially Lake Ashi because it’s surrounded with mountains and forests. There are beautiful waterfalls there also. You can go on hiking and even visit Hakone Open-Air Museum. It’s an outdoor museum and you will find very interesting things there. So this is a place you can go to with your loved ones.


Mount Koya is a place you cannot miss if you go to Japan. There are about 8 mountains there with around 1000 meters height. You can visit them one by one and go on hiking. You can stay the night at a temple and experience their rich culture. There are lots of temples there so you can visit multiple if you prefer. These mountains are so rich with natural beauty. Unique animals can be seen there with multiple waterfalls and rain forests. You have to be in good health if you go there since it requires strength to travel around and have the ultimate experience at Koya-San. So it’s a great place to go to with your better half.


 This is a prefecture in Japan that has more than 150 magnificent islands. So this is a place that’s full of beaches. You can go on surfing, boat riding, chilling at a beach and explore other island on boats. You can also see war memorials, Aquariums, castles and many more. Natural sceneries are unlimited there. Sunrise and Sundown are something that you have to watch there. You can go there with your loved ones and family and have a unique experience that you can never get from anywhere else.