Everyone loves music. It’s a one thing to love music but it’s a completely different story to make them. You can stream them nowadays with ease but making them takes patience and skill. Also you need the best music making softwares to do that.

You need the right tool to make your imagination a reality. For that you need the tool with the right adding effect and instruments, sounds and flavors to your imaginative song. We call a tool like this a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). So if you are hoping to have a home studio, a DAW would be your key tool in making music.

So if you are hoping to make music, finding the best music making softwares should be your number one concern. These DAW are unique in their own way. So you must choose the DAW that suites your needs the best.

The best music making softwares on internet

  1. Ableton Live

You can visit this software on this link.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live

This music making software is created mainly for live performances. But you can also do mastering, mixing and composing with it. You can also do beat matching, other kinds of turntablist effects and crossfading with its unique array of controls. You can also link this wirelessly with other desktop and iOS applications and sync them. This makes music production more faster and efficient.

  1. FL Studio

You can get FL Studio from this link.

FL Studio

FL Studio


This is older than 20 years and they have being updating their software all that time. So now it has become so advanced in every way. If you are new to making music, this would be a proper choice because FL Studio has a very friendly interface and everything is so simple and uncomplicated.

This was known as Fruity Loops before and now it’s known as FL Studio. FL Studio offers virtual MIDI controllers and real time audio stretching. Since this has a MIDI keyboard compatibility and microphone integration availability, it’s possible to do all kinds of editing and mixing with this music making software. This works perfectly with both Mac and PC. Also the cost of FL Studio is very low relative to other options. You will get life time of free updates after purchasing.

  1. Apple GarageBand
Apple GarageBand

Apple GarageBand

You can get Apple GarageBand from this link.

As you can see by the name, this is an Apple (iOS) application. This is considered one of the best DAW up to date and you can get this for free for apple Mac. They also provide built in lesson functions for piano and guitar including mapped out chords and basic explanations for music theory. The interface is also very user friendly and easy to use.

This is also compatible with iPads so you can do all kinds of music making with this using only an iPad if you like. This is a best choice if you are a beginner for music making and also if you are new to music in general since Apple GarageBand offers tons of tutorials for all kinds of things. So if you have a Mac or an iPad, this would be the ideal choice for you without a doubt.

  1. Apple Logic Pro X
Apple Logic Pro X

Apple Logic Pro X

You can get Apple Logic Pro X from this link.

After you master Apple GarageBand, you can use this. This application is also available only for Mac and this will enable you to do more advanced tasks with more variety of options and customizations. Your previous projects from Apple GarageBand will be moved over to this DAW automatically and you can also alter the interface with what suites you better and separate features you like and need the most. There is also a huge sound library and a loop collection that offers you more economical choices.

  1. Reaper


You can download Reaper from this link.

This DAW is created by a small team. So there is no nonsense in this software. The interface is very simple and very easy to understand even if you are new to music making. The developers have mainly focused on FX and VSTs and have ignored non-essential features. You can map your MIDI very easily. And for each individual track, you can do your own cutting and pasting, splitting and editing.

You can get Reaper for a sixty days free trial and check out all the features and decide if it’s the DAW for you.

These are the most popular Digital Audio Workstations you can find for your own home studio. If you want the best music making software, most probably you would be able to find it from this very short list. Keep in mind that these features are unique in their own way. Some are very complicated so you won’t be able to use them properly if you are new to the subject.

So it’s better if you use a simple and user friendly DAW at first so you would get familiar with the process and you can tinker with all the processes and see how they works for yourself. After you master your skills, you can move on to more advanced and sophisticated DAWs. I hope this article help you find the best music making software for you and good luck with your music making.