Intelligent apps are phone applications that uses data (real time and past) from interactions with the user and other sources in order to make suggestions and predictions so it can make a more personalized user experience. This is done by build in machine learning algorithms so the app has the ability to process all the data to enhance and improve its user experience.

The difference between normal apps and intelligent apps

A normal app will do its tasks in a specific process. It will be able to do that said task but will not improve its performance (such as speed and accuracy) with time and experience. On the other hand, an intelligent app will do its tasks but it has the ability to improve its speed and accuracy throughout experiences. So the more you use it, the better it becomes. This happens because there are built in machine learning algorithms or AIs in intelligent apps.

Is it easy to make an Intelligent App?

The short answer is no. But if you manage to do it, then that application will perform so much better. But it’s not an easy task to implement AI algorithms for a smart application. You can use AI algorithms for several purposes such as optimize the search process, Audio or video recognition, study behavior patterns etc. In doing so, you can make the process run smoother with high level of accuracy plus it becomes user friendly the more the user uses it.

Famous Intelligent Apps

There are a lot of intelligent apps in the market and they are famous for different kind of tasks. But some of them are made for multiple tasks and they are very good at executing them in a perfect way. Let’s look at some of the most famous intelligent apps we have today.


Everyone is familiar with Siri. It’s a virtual assistant every iPhone user gets. You can talk with it like a normal human being and it will become better at responses overtime with more experience with the user. You can do almost anything on the phone with the help of Siri. This was one of the first intelligent applications that were made in the world and that’s why Siri became so famous after it was released to the world in 2011.


This is also a virtual assistant introduced by Amazon. This was introduced first in 2014 but now Alexa has become a household item around the world. You can do a lot of things with the help from Alexa since it has the ability to connect to a lot of more items. It can assist you in the kitchen while cooking , create a smart home routine, find your phone if it gets lost and even keep your home safe (will be your own security system). Pretty cool right?

Google Assistance

From the name, you can realize that this was introduced by Google. This was made in 2016 and this voice activated AI has being introduced into smart phones, smart fridges, headphones and cars. You can install Google assistance in Microsoft windows, Linux and Mac and you can get lots of benefits and help while working on Google platforms.

Benefits of Intelligent Apps

As above mentioned, speed and user friendliness are benefits of using AI algorithms in smart applications. But there are so much more benefits. One of the main benefits is reduction of human errors. Humans make mistakes no matter how careful we do the task. But with this, the probability of having a human error reduced a lot since humans don’t involve in the process. Also because of this, it will become available 24X7 since artificial intelligence doesn’t have to sleep. Also digital help is another huge advantage since the app becomes more dependable the more you use it because more experience.

Disadvantages of Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps are not about all advantages. There are setbacks too. The main concern is the high cost of implementation. Sometimes it would be not worth it since it costs that much. Also as above mentioned, these apps become user friendly through the AI algorithms for some extent. It will never go on and on forever. At some point, humans will have to intervene and make changes and adjustments so it will not be completely automated.

Future of Intelligent Apps

The future has no limit for intelligent applications. AI and machine learning has become a part of everything today and it will increase in the future and intelligent applications will have the capacity to do more bigger and advanced tasks in the future.

Some people have raised concern that this would lead to a “machines taking over the world” kind of situation but that’s only a hypothesis since all these applications will need human supervision at some point since they can’t operate 100% independently. Therefore there’s no need to be concern and these applications will take a huge part in our lives in the future and it will make human lives a lot easy and better.