Why you should visit Germany?

 If you are planning to visit Europe, you must consider visiting Germany. It’s because Germany possess so much to offer. It varies from natural beauty to human made beauty to sea beauty. So if you are hoping to go to Germany, it’s always better to know the places to get the best experience you can. These are the most beautiful places in Germany that you can never miss.

Best Places to visit in Germany

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and Brandenburg Gate is something you could never miss if you visit there. This was made in 1791 and also happens to be the first Neoclassical structure in Berlin. This is 26 meters high and on top of it, there is a statue of a chariot with four horses carrying the goddess of victory. There are also five beautiful passages in-between the six huge columns. Even though this was damaged severely during the World War 2, it was repaired back to its true form again. This iconic structure was once a part of the Berlin wall and was the symbol of division of Berlin into East and West for a couple of decades.

Kolner Dom (Cologne Cathedral)

The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary, also known as the towering Cologne Cathedral is located on the banks of the Rhine. This cathedral was built in 1248 and famous as one of the most ambitious human creations of the middle ages. This gothic design also happens to be one of the largest cathedrals in the whole world. This land mark covers an area about 6,166 square meters. There is a 12th century art made in gold above the high altar that was designed by Nicholas of Verdun. Also if you visit there, you can experience wide extensive views from the south towers and from the three kings chapel. All of which were survived after severely damaged due to World War 2. A small entrance fee is required for you to visit the south tower but after you climb through the 533 steps, you will see the best sight there is.

The Black Forrest

 This is one of the most visited places in whole Europe. This is called the Black Forrest because of its dark, densely wooded hills. This is located in the southwestern corner of Germany. Germany’s oldest ski area at Todtnau, attractive resort of Bad Liebenzell and marvelous spa facilities of Baden-Baden are the most famous spots here. But also you can visit Triberg, Black Forest open air museum and black forest railway centered on Triberg with its most famous falls. The easiest way to visit them all is to get a map and start from black forest panoramic rout. This is a 70 kilometer drive tour. If you go through this route, you will see all of the above locations plus stunning castles and a number of medieval towns and villages.

Neuschwanstein: The Ultimate Fairytale Castle

King Ludwig II of Bavaria built this awesome fortress from 1869 to 1886. He was also known as The Fairytale King. Neuschwanstein literally translates to “New Swan Castle”. This phrase refers to the swan knight which was a Wagner’s character. If you are a Disney fan, this is a must see place since the inspiration for Disney’s infamous theme park castles were inspired by this. There are varieties of tour options available. You can see the sumptuous interior in the Throne room, the Singer’s hall including must views the country has to offer. This castle is located in Bavaria near Fussen. If you go to Germany, this is a must see place.

The Berlin Wall

This is a must see in Berlin. This was built in 1961 and after it was torn down in 1990, it was extended about 155 more kilometers. Luckily, all the remaining of this wall are sections that’s covered in small graffiti that reminds people who died trying to escape it from the East. There are sections that are preserved for Checkpoint Charlie as well as a section at Humboldthafen where there is a list of victims. Also there is the magnificent Berlin Wall Exhibition where there are permanent exhibits relates to the Berlin Wall and the Berlin Wall Memorial.