The reason why you should select Switzerland to travel

Switzerland is famous for numerous lakes and high peaks of the Alps. Towns in Switzerland have medieval quarters and landmarks such as chapel bridges, clock towers, old buildings etc. Also if you are a ski or hiking enthusiast, you will get to go to the best places to do those activities in Switzerland. And you can enjoy world’s finest chocolates since it’s no secret that Switzerland is the home for some of the best chocolates in the world.

Places to Visit in Switzerland

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of the most uplifted mountains in the Alps and has a height of 4,478 meters. This iconic pointy mountaintop is the place you can see on tobleron cover. At the beginning of The Matterhorn rests a beautiful village called Zermatt and a high class international resort is built at this village. There are only horse carriages in the area since vehicles that run on petrel and diesel are completely banned to maintain the high level of air quality and purity around the mountain. If you are a skier, then you can go there in the winter and will see about 186 miles of slopes to ski down. If you visit there on the summer, then you can go on climbing, swimming, hikes and biking while enjoying the beauty of nature.


Jungfraujoch is named as the top of Europe with a scientific observatory perched at 3,454 meters. A very popular walk includes panorama way to the sunny, the high altitude trail from Holenstein to Brandegg named Opfelchuechliwag that would let you go through flower fields, woodlands and alpine pastures and also The Glacier Gorge (Gletscherschlucht) the south facing first slop. Beautiful Grindelwald is a great base at Jungfrau region for adventures into mountains. It’s located at the base of mountains that are cloaked with snow. And if you visit there, you can have all kind of adventures through wood and great alpine valleys.


This is located between east to the lake Brienz and west to the Lake. There is a marvelous urban planning with over 35 acres of space that’s open in the center of town Hohematte.  There are cafes, hotels and beautiful flower gardens all around Hoheweg that’s happen to be the main boulevard through marvelous mountains. Also you can do activities such as climbing, hiking and abseiling there. There are more than 45cable cars, ski lift transports and mountain railways surrounding the area. Countryside and will offer you lots of chances to go on sightseeing from up above. Also during the time of winter, you can do activities that are so much fun like snowboarding and skiing surrounding the resort. If you prefer to enjoy the sceneries from a lower point, get in on a paddle steamer so you can journey around the lakes.

Lake Geneva

This happens to be the biggest Alpine Lake in whole Europe and it’s discovered between French and Swiss border. The city of Geneva, also known as Genf in German and Genève in French stands between tops which are snow capped at the place where Rhone spills into Lake Geneva. If you go through the medieval town with its unique cafes, you can also enjoy magnificent gothic cathedrals and boutiques. Also, if you visit there on June and July, you will be able to see the infamous Montreux Jazz Festival.