Why you should choose Israel to visit?

 Israel happens to be the home for some major religions in our today’s world. So it possesses a huge importance regarding religious aspects. Also Israel is a very beautiful country with lots of natural beauty and human made beauty. If you choose Israel to visit, you will have lots of places regarding all characteristics a tourist would expect. Therefore you don’t have to think twice to visit this gorgeous country.

Places to visit in Israel


 Everyone has heard of this place since this is one of the most holiest places in the entire world. It’s because Jerusalem is the home for 3 major religions that exists today. Those are Christianity, Islam and Judaism. You can have a real world time traveling experience if you visit there. At the center of Jerusalem, you can visit the old city which is surrounded by a grand wall. In there, you can learn everything about Jerusalem’s history regarding religions if you visit places like The Church of Holy Sepulcher, The Western Wall and Al Aqsa Mosque.  The infamous old city of Jerusalem is mainly divided into four parts according to Jewish quarter, Muslim quarter, Armenian quarter and the Christian quarter. Also you can also visit the museum of Yad VaShem which is a Holocaust remembrance center to see beautiful things.

Dead Sea

 This is a very famous place all around the world because it’s being famous for “a place you can’t drown”. This sea is surrounded with marvelous beauty. You can not only just float in it, it is also considered a lot healthy. Ironically, this is located at a very low point on earth. It’s more than 1,412 feet (430 meters) below the sea level. The reason for the buoyancy for this perfect floating is the high level of salt in the sea. And if you cover yourself with mud from Dead Sea, you will find a new level of relaxation. If you visit there you can also see Ein Gedi which is a water hole (oasis) in the dessert and Masada, with its very important archaeology.


Haifa will be a very friendly place for you to visit since it is made with a lot of cultures mixed together so you will never feel like an outsider. You can enjoy ports and the golden beaches there. They are perfect to have sunbath and also surfing. If you want the perfect tan for your body, this is the place for you. Also while you are there, you can experience the natural beauty of Bahai Garden.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is famous for its authentic markets. But also it’s full of beaches for you to relax to the fullest and possess a vibrant nightlife. This is also a place with diverse society and they are well open minded so you would never feel like an outsider there. Everyone will fit in perfectly. They also offers a complete calendar of events throughout the year since Tel Aviv is considered the center of entertainment in Israel. This calendar usually includes Tel Aviv’s Fashion week, Gay Pride Parade and Purim Street Party.

Acre (North Israel)

Acre has been through multiple cultures throughout its long history including the Ottomans and the Crusaders. Each of them managed to leave their own mark on this region. If you visit there, you can see interesting cultural modeled buildings and ruins with sights on every corner. If you are a fan of the infamous computer game “Assassin’s Creed”, then this is a must visit place for you since the beginning of that game series has started from this very place. If you visit there, you will see the similarities firsthand. If you go there with your romantic partner, then you can enjoy romantic evening walks on ports and have a wonderful meal at local restaurants and take a mesmerizing stroll through markets at Acre.