The reason why you should choose China to visit

China happens to be the 4th largest country in the whole world but also the most populated country in the world. China is a country that is full of beauty of both natural and human made. Some sceneries are only can be seen in China. Since they have a very rich history, you will be able to experience their rich cultures. Also China is famous for their hospitality toward tourists.

Places to visit in China

The Great Wall of China

This is the only human made creation that can be seen from earth because this is that long. This Wall is built at the northern border of the country with a whopping total length of 21,196 kilometers. Because of the magnitude of this wall, this was built over 2000 years from 770 BC to 1633 AD by many kingdoms. It has being rebuilt and extended many times.  Because of the popularity, it is not wise to visit it on weekends and holidays because it will be crowded to the fullest because even local people would visit it on holidays. You can walk even by yourself through over 6000km. So this giant human creation is something you must never miss if you visit China.

Hong Kong

Text- This city is allowed to operate as an independent country but officially it’s a part of China. Honk Kong has a population of 7.451 million and has a land area of 1,106 km2. Hong Kong is mostly famous for its beauty and luxury shopping. This city has some of the most recognizable and breathtaking skylines in the whole world so you have the ability to see and visit them if you go there. You can go on star ferries and you can see the Big Buddha statue. This is one of the biggest statues of its own kind and it took 12 years to completely finish it. You can also visit the marvelous one of a kind Wong Tai Sin Temple. If you love beaches then you should definitely visit Repulse Bay and the Beaches. If you love splendid shopping, then you can go on Temple Street Night Market. Also if you love Disney, there is an awesome Disneyland in Hong Kong. If you are a hiking enthusiast, then you can visit Dragon’s Back Hike.


This is the capital of China with a whopping population  of 21.54 million and covering a land area of 16,808 km2. This is the world’s most populous capital city. But Beijing is considered one of the safest cities in the world so you don’t have to keep your guard up all the time while traveling there. You can see The Imperial Palace, the Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City if you visit this city. Also if you like to see a combination of human made and natural beauty, Beihai Park is the spot for you. Also if you are a history enthusiast, then you can see Beijing Ancient Observatory which was made in 1442. If you love pandas, then you must visit the Beijing Zoo. There are many more magnificent spots you can visit at Beijing so it’s a place you cannot miss while visiting China.


 Yangshuo is a marvelous town. But what’s special about it is Yangshuo is entirely surrounded by beautiful mountains and this city has eye catching sceneries. This is a very safe town to travel. Also there are crystal clear rivers a lot. You can go on boat rides on them and enjoy the beauty. You can go there with your loved ones and families and enjoy. Make sure you can spend at least a couple of days there since you can’t cover the beauty in just one day.


Jiuzgaugou Valley National Park happens to be one of the most beautiful parks in the whole world. It’s full of beautiful rainforests and magnificent mountains. Rivers at Jiuzgaugou are crystal clear. You can see the bottom of the river with ease. There are magnificent waterfalls there also. This is a true example of natural beauty. You can go on boat rides there and you can go on hiking on these marvelous mountains. You can see lots of unique animals there also such as pandas, golden monkeys, white lips deer and many more. Also this is a famous place for bird watching. So if you love to see wildlife and marvelous sceneries, this is the best place you can visit.