Why you should choose England to visit?

When you hear the word Europe, England or The United Kingdom is a country you can never ignore. It’s not because it’s a very powerful country but because it’s a place worth visiting. Since England possess thousands of years of history, you can visit places that has history far beyond your comprehension. Not only have that, England also possess natural beauty and wildlife so it’s a worthwhile place to visit if you are planning to go to Europe.

Lake District

This beautiful site has recently been declared by the UNESCO as a protected site. As you can guess from the name, this place is filled with marvelous lakes, tiny villages and magnificent mountain ranges. You can go on boat rides on each lake and what’s best is each lake is slightly different than others in their own unique way.

If you want to avoid crowd, then it’s better to avoid the infamous Windermere Lake since most tourists go there. Instead you can go over to Ullswater Lake and see the beauty of it. You can also go on hiking after going to mountains through paddle boats. This is a natural beauty you must experience if you go to England.

Corfe Castle

 This is one of the oldest settlements you can visit in England and people have being living there for over 8000 years. If you go there, you will feel like you have traveled back in time for 1000 years in England. You can wander through the castle of Corf and visit little boutiques and visit the Restaurant of Mortons House and grab an awesome milkshake. Also if you are a fan of trains, you can go on a mesmerizing train ride from Corfe Castle station to Swanage.


 Even though this is a relatively small city, everyone in the world is familiar with this name. Since it possesses a lot of beauty, it would take at least a couple of days to explore it to the fullest. You can visit the church of St Mary the Great and climb the towers and get an unforgettable scenery. If you look carefully, you can notice that the towers shake when the bells rings. Also you can visit Kings College and the magnificent chapel. You will be able to see fainted graffiti inside the chapel done by Oliver Cromwell’s army. If you are a foodie, then you can visit Fitzbillies for an awesome and health English breakfast and then burn off those calories by punting down the Cam River.


This is also a familiar name to all of us. Also there is friendly rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford on the best place to visit and study. Some say Oxford is better and others say the opposite. But that won’t matter because both places are totally worth visiting. Oxford is easy to visit if you are in London or on a longer road trip. If you visit there, you can visit Christ Church and to the river punting at the Thirsty Meeples. If you like to have a unique hotel experience, check into the Stunning Malmaison which is located at the converted prison. You can literally sleep in a prison cell but fortunately, now they are super luxurious.


 Most of us has seen this place in pictures and this is one of the famous ancient places you can visit in England. If you are a fan of history, then this is a must visit place. You can go there in about 80 minutes by car from west of London. To this day, there is no clear idea of why these stoned are built in this place. There are multiple theories on what they represents. Some say that it was made by Aliens since it was not practical to be built by humans that long ago. Some say they are built in relation to astronomy. Some say that it’s a worshiping place. Despite all that, it’s a very famous and interesting place to visit. Since it’s very famous, you should choose an off peak time to visit there if you don’t enjoy huge crowds. So visit it early in the morning or at the evening just before it closes. Also there is an awesome lodging called Stonehenge Cottages nearby so you can stay there after visiting Stonehenge.