The reasons why you should pick Sri Lanka to travel

Sri Lanka exists in Indian Ocean and is popular all around the world for its ancient places. Sri Lanka happens to be one of the top countries to travel in the world for a very long time. It’s a living paradise and that’s why people who visited it named it as the gem of the Indian Ocean.

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya (Duration 12-14 hours)

This is an ancient fortress in Matale District near Dabulla town. When you look at this from afar, it just looks like a huge square rock. But if you go near this huge rock, you can see all the marvelous things it possesses. According to historians, this fortress is created by King Kashyapa in 477 to 495 AD to stay hidden from his father. That’s the reason why it does not look like a fortress from far away. Instead it looks like a giant rock. It still has ancient cave paintings and some remaining of the front entrance. There are evidence that it had a water supplying system far advanced relative to that time and it’s still a mystery for archeologists to realize how they came up with a stunning process like that. So if you visit Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is a must see place.

Yala National Park (Duration 1 day)

This is a marvelous safari park which is located 260km South East of Colombo city. It has 4 main entrances at Palatupana, Katagamuwa and Galge (which has two entrances). The closest city you can go to from this park is Kataragama and the most suitable time to visit this park is between the months of June and September. The climate is dry most of the year but you can see lots of animals there. Mostly you can see Asian Elephants, Spotted Deers, Jackals, Leopards, Sambars and Sloth Bears. Not only that, you can also to see peacocks, crocodiles and many more. There are bungalows inside the park so you have the ability to stay the at inside the park surrounded by animals.

Trincomalee Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour (Duration 1 day)

If you are an enthusiast in whale and Dolphin watching then this is the best tour for you. This is a boat tour and you will be able to see dolphins, turtles, killer whales, sperm whales and other marine life. The part of the tour is you will also be able to see the Hindu temple from the sea. This will most probably be a once in a lifetime experience for you. Also you can dive under the sea with guided supervision so you will be able to experience a lot more marine life.

Wilpattu National Park (Duration 3-4 hours)

You can go on safari in Wilpattu Park so you can experience the wildlife in an awesome way.  Since this is a relatively short tour, you can go in the morning if you prefer. You will be able to see Elephants, Bears, Reptiles, Crocodiles, Deers, Leopards and a huge range of birds. The most suitable months to visit Wilpattu are during the months of February and October. If you are lucky, then you will be able to see all the animals in about 4 or 5 hours.

Tour of Colombo: Panduwasnuwara, Yapahuwa, Dambadeniya (Duration half a day)

You can visit 3 ancient kingdoms in Sri Lanka in one tour from the Northwestern Province of Colombo. You will get the chance to visit the marvelous Yapahuwa rock fortress, can see the awesome ancient Panduwasnuwara city and admire the royal palace complex of Dambadeniya. You can go there with your family and loved ones and see all of them within a day.