Before telling you how to install spectrum TV app on firestick, let’s talk about what Firestick is and what Spectrum is first. Firestick is a remote like device created by Amazon that enables you to stream videos. You can install apps to your Firestick and even play music through this device. Firestick is built on an android platform and this little device has the ability to convert your normal TV in to a smart TV.

Pretty cool right? You can download and install android apps to your Firestick and install android games also. And then you can use them through your TV. You can play games from you TV like you have installed those apps to your TV (not to Firestick). It will feel like that and that’s the magic of this stick (no pun intended). So you only need a normal TV and a proper internet connection to use Firestick to the fullest.



On the other hand, Spectrum TV is a top level American television service. With it you can get lots of cable channels for a monthly subscription. You can get A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, BBC, AXS, all MTV channels, Nickelodeon, The Weather Channel, TLC and many more. So you can have all of these channels on the tip of your fingers if you have Spectrum TV app.

Now just imagine, you have a normal TV and you get an Amazon Firestick and now because of that, you TV is like a smart TV. You can stream videos on it and many more like I told before. What if you can then install Spectrum TV app on Firestick and get all of the above benefits also at the same time. Well you are in luck because you can do that and here are the easy steps you have to follow in order to install Spectrum TV app on Firestick.

How to install spectrum TV app on firestick?

There are two ways you can do it. You can use android to do this or a downloader. But before using one of these methods, you must follow these steps first on your Firestick.

  1. Turn on your Firestick and go to settings

    firestick settings

    firestick settings

  2. Then select your input. It could be “My Fire TV” or any other.
  3. Then go to “Developer Options”
  4. Then Enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” and “ADB Debugging”. You must do this because Amazon keep these two disabled by default
  5. Then bypass the warning and get ready for installation

Now you know what you have to do before trying these methods. After you have done the above steps then follow these steps. Keep in mind that there are two methods on how to install Spectrum TV app on Firestick. Let’s talk about the first method.

How to install Spectrum TV app on Firestick using an Android smart phone

How to install Spectrum TV app on Firestick using an Android smart phone

How to install Spectrum TV app on Firestick using an Android smart phone

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways of installing apps you like to your Firestick. But remember, for this method you need a proper android smart phone and a fast internet connection. Follow the below steps from the beginning to install Spectrum TV app on Firestick with android

  1. Download and install Apps2Fire app onto your android smart phone


  1. Then download the free Spectrum TV app to your smart phone. You can get it from Play Store or Amazon.


  1. Then open the Apps2Fire app on your phone and go to “Setup”. Then enter your Firestick’s IP address. (you can get that IP address by goint to Device> About> Network on your Firestick).


  1. Then save that IP address. Now your android smart phone and your Firestick is connected with a wireless connection.


  1. Then swipe to “Local Apps” on your smart phone and find Spectrum TV app from that list


  1. Then select Spectrum TV app and click on “install”. It will take a couple of minutes to upload the process.


  1. Once the upload is complete, the application will automatically start to install in to your Firestick. It will give you a notification after it’s done.


  1. Then press the “home” button on your Firestick and go to “apps”. You can see that Spectrum TV app there. You can select and give it a try and see if it works (it will so don’t worry).

But if you don’t have an android phone (have only an IPhone or no smart phone at all) then this method would be impossible for you. If that’s the case for you, then don’t worry. This second method will help you install Spectrum TV app on Firestick for you without any issue.

Use a downloader to install Spectrum TV app on Firestick



You can simply use a downloader app to get apps for your Firestick. Millions of users do this so you don’t have to worry about using it because it’s a very reliable platform. This is one of the most famous methods of installing third party apps to Firestick and you can get it from Amazon app store for free. After you install it for your Firestick, follow these steps.

  1. First open the downloader app from Firestick. You can do it by pressing and holding the home button of Firestick and then sort through the app menu.
  2. Type the URL of the Spectrum TV app APK file in the search bar. But keep in mind that you must get that APK from a trusted site or you might get malware into your Firestick. You can use this link or you can get a trusted APK from the Spectrum TV app.
  3. Click “Go” and wait so the APK can be downloaded in to your Firestick
  4. After the download gets finished, it will give a notification. You will be able to see that from your screen. Then hit “install” and the app will start to get installed in to your Firestick.
  5. After the installation process is finished, get your Firestick and open the Spectrum TV app and enjoy limitless shows.


If the downloader app is not available for your regional Amazon app store, then don’t panic, you can use an alternate like ES file explorer to install the downloader and then follow the above steps exactly like that and you will succeed.

This is how you can install Spectrum TV app on Firestick. After you have done this, you will realize how cool and awesome that is. You will get limitless access to channels, movies and TV shows. You can spend your whole day at home and never be bored. So I hope this article helped you with your problem and good luck and enjoy Firestick and Spectrum TV together.