Before teaching you how to delete amazon account, let’s talk about what Amazon is. Amazon is a American company that leads in e-commerce, digital streaming, AI and cloud computing. If you have an Amazon account then you can use all of these things. You can do online shopping, get Amazon prime video account and stream original Amazon movies and series, use Amazon cloud services if you are a coder and many more.

Benefits of having an Amazon Prime account

prime video

prime video

If you get an Amazon prime account then you can get a lot of more advantages. When you buy stuff online from Amazon with a prime account, you can gets lots of benefits like free 2 day deliver, one day deliver and same day delivery. If you are waiting for something to be release like a video game or a book, you can get free release date delivery with Amazon prime account.

Not only that, if you are using Amazon streaming service (prime videos) that means you already have an Amazon prime account. With it you can stream thousands of famous TV shows and original movies (original means you can only get them from prime videos).

You will also get Amazon music prime which enables you to millions of songs unlimitedly without any adds. These are just the tip of the iceberg of benefits you can get from having an Amazon prime account. On top of all this, you can get an Amazon prime account for free for a month to see if it worth for you.

How to delete Amazon account quickly



But sometimes you might get fed up with Amazon and wants to delete your account permanently. If that happens you can easily do that with very easy steps. So follow the below steps if you want to delete Amazon account.

  1. First sign in to the account you want to delete

You can only delete an account that you have access. If you don’t have access to the account you want to delete (if you have forgotten your password or someone else’s account) then you can’t delete that account. So make sure you still have access to the Amazon account.

  1. Evaluate the services and also the products associated with your account

Before you delete your account, double check all the services you have with it and services you have already paid for. Maybe there are services you have paid but haven’t used yet. If that’s the case then it’s a complete waste to delete your account without using any of those unused benefits. So do that before deleting your account forever. Otherwise it would be a huge waste from your side.

  1. If you still wants to proceed (wants to delete your account) click the box that says “Yes I want to permanently delete my Amazon account and delete my data” and click on “Close my Account”

After you done with this step, a notification will automatically be sent to the email that’s associated with your Amazon account and you have to verify that in order to delete your Amazon account permanently. This step is taken by the Amazon company so the true account holder will only have the ability to delete the specific Amazon account.

After you delete your account, you can never recover that account back. No matter how hard you try. So make sure that you absolutely sure that you want to delete your Amazon account because after that’s done, there’s no turning back.

But you wanting to delete your Amazon account would be a very rare situation because analytics have found out that a user deleting their personal Amazon account is a very rare scenario since Amazon has so much to offer to its users.

But in case you want to delete your own Amazon account, I hope this article helps. But again, make sure that you are absolutely sure that you want to delete your Amazon account permanently before proceeding. If you are not sure, then step 2 will help you decide since there you can review all the facilities you have with your account. So good luck. Hope this article helped.