Even though Showbox has being an awesome streaming app, it’s currently down from servers and you can’t use it anymore. So the Showbox server errors is been a hot topic around the world. Showbox has closed its doors to its millions of customers. But there are rumors that Showbox will come back up again. But it probably might take a while before they get back on track. But if you want to wait till that, then this article might help you because Showbox always had server issues. So if you want to use Showbox without any server errors, then these are the steps you can do.

How to avoid showbox server errors?

  1. Check if your Showbox app is up to date
Showbox app is up to date

Is showbox app up to date

If your Showbox app is out of date, then there might be errors. So go to playstore and search Showbox. Then go to it and check if there are any updates for the app. If so, do it. This will most probably solve your error issues.

  1. Clean the data and cache of the app
step 2

step 2

If step one won’t work then you have to clean cache and date of the app. For that go to settings and open apps. From there find Showbox and then open it. In it there is a column called storage. After you click it, this will appear.

step 2.2

step 2.2

Clean data and cache of the app from here. But remember when you delete cache and data of the app, your downloaded movies and series won’t get deleted. The upside of this is the app will work like it has being freshly installed to your device. The movies and series you downloaded from Showbox before cleaning out the cache and data will be still remain on your internal storage so don’t worry about it.

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection
step 3

step 3

If you don’t have a stable internet connection then you can’t stream anything from the internet through Showbox. So if your internet connection is weak (can’t properly download or buffer a video) then it will become a huge issue in this case. So make sure your internet connection is working properly. You can use a virus guard to protect your internet connection from harmful malware.

If you have the updated version of Showbox and a proper internet connection with no miscellaneous cache or data in the Showbox app, then you won’t get any Showbox server errors.

Since Showbox was created only for android, if you want to use Showbox on your pc, then you will need and android emulator for windows. I personally prefer to use my PC for Showbox since only then will I have a big screen to enjoy full HD quality Showbox has to offer. So if you like, you can also get Showbox for your computer or laptop. All you need is an android emulator.

If there are any issues with your PC version of your Showbox, then you can use a software like DriveFix. This will help you keep your software up to date. First download DriveFix (make sure you download a legit file). Then do a scan of your computer from it. Then it will detect if there are any old versions of software and drivers in your system. If it detects them, then it will give you a report. You can click on update drivers and it will update all the necessary drivers and software.

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