DisneyNow VS Disney Plus

The word Disney is not something new to you. Disney has being a huge part of most of our childhood and even in our adulthood. In the 1990s and 1980s they gave us Star Wars and The Muppet Show. Then they gave us Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, 101 Dalmatian and many more. Then they gave us more Star Wars movies and the biggest franchise in the human history Marvel Cinematic Universe. So Disney has being a large part of our lives and now it has become larger with their very own streaming services Disney Plus and DisneyNow.

Since Disney is now at the top of the movie industry, they create shows not to release in theatre but to release on only their streaming services. The next phase of MCU starts with shows like that. Wanda and Vision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki are all series that Disney only releasing on Disney plus. These giant shows are directly connected to the biggest franchise in the world Marvel Cinematic Universe so only this is enough evidence to know the value of these streaming services.

A lot of people still trying to understand the difference between DisneyNow and Disney Plus so let’s talk about that difference in this article so you can choose the best choice for yourself and your family with your current situation.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus

Disney Plus

This is a streaming service launched by Disney on November 12th 2019 and now it has over 87 million users. Right now, Disney Plus is one of the leading streaming services in the world and they already have lots of Disney movies and series on their service such as all Marvel Cinematic Universe movies including Avengers Infinity War and End Game and classics like Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

And now you can have all of it with just a click. If you subscribe to Disney Plus, then you can watch almost all Disney creations such as movies, cartoons, series and many more. You can watch Disney Plus on your TV or your smart phone or on any compatible electronic device such as tablets, PS4 or Xbox one etc.

What is DisneyNow?



This was founded in September 2017 (earlier than Disney Plus) and currently has around 137 million subscribers around the world. Unlike Disney Plus (that focuses all age groups), DisneyNow focus only on children. So they only have kid friendly shows such as cartoons, and movies and series that are that are not rated PG-13. Still they have lots of shows for you to browse on since it’s Disney. You can subscribe to DisneyNow and watch it on your TV or your smart phone like Disney Plus. DisneyNow offers you the best shows for your child and it would be worth it.

Which is better? DisneyNow or Disney Plus

My personal opinion is, it depends on yours situation. If you don’t want to use Disney’s streaming service for yourself and only want one for your child then DisneyNow is the right choice for you since they only have shows that are kid friendly. So you don’t have to guide your kids when they watch DisneyNow and you never have to worry about them watching an inappropriate show.

But if you are a fan of shows like MCU movies or other Disney shows that are not much of kid friendly then you should definitely get Disney Plus and on top of that if you have a kid or kids at home then still this would be the suitable choice since Disney Plus has a lot of kid friendly shows that they also offer from DisneyNow.

So in that case you only should get Disney Plus. You might have to monitor what your kid is watching since Disney Plus also has shows that are not so kid friendly but that’s the only disadvantage you have on this scenario if you get Disney Plus. If you get DisneyNow then you sure will miss out a lot maybe the best of what Disney has to offer.

So practically, getting Disney Plus would be the best choice always because who doesn’t love Disney right? Why get the best only to your child when you can get the best to yourself too. So subscribe to Disney Plus if you haven’t yet because they will offer a lot more awesome shows and movies from it and you should not miss them under any circumstances.