The main reason for me to The Blackkklansman personally was because of the main actor. He is Charles David Washington and he is the son of my favorite African American actor Denzel Washington. This was the first movie I watched of Charles and he didn’t disappoint. His acting was on point. So was Adam Driver’s. He got nominated for academy award for that role. This movie got nominated for six academy awards that year and won the award for the “Best Adapted Screenplay”.

The story happens in the late 1970s around a black cop named Ron Stallworth. He first gets to do an undercover mission to go to a speech done by a black radical named Stokely Carmicheal. In there, he meets a young woman named Patrice who also was a union president. Then later he manages to have an affair with her. Then Ron manages to contact the chapter president Walter Breachway of Ku Klux Klan and have an appointment as an undercover mission.

This was a white supremacist hate group. But he accidently says his real name when he contacted the KKK. So he trains Flip to go instead. Flip is his partner and he is Jewish. The KKK hates Jewish people. But he manages to get a membership very quickly with Ron’s help because Ron manages to contacts David Duke over the phone. Duke was the leader of the KKK. But through this process, Flip gets a lot of trouble from the KKK member Felix. But after all, Flip manages to get on the good side of Walter so he wants to make Flip the new chapter president. But he declines it because it would raise too much suspicion. Then David Duke comes to Colorado and he really was looking forward to meet Ron Stallworth in person.

Then the police captain puts Ron as David’s personal security when he came to town because he had no other officers to spare. But it was really not a problem because for the KKK, Ron Stallworth was Flip. Then Flip was able to officially join the KKK through their traditional ceremony. Then at the after party, another member from the KKK recognizes Flip. So he tells that to Felix. He always had doubt about Flip but this confirms that Flip and Ron were working together.

Felix was planning to plant C4 bombs on a black rally at that day. His wife Connie was the one who had to plant the bombs. But Ron recognized that when he saw Connie going out from the after party in a hurry. So Ron quickly notifies the police and drives fast to the rally. Then Connie calls Felix and says that she can’t plant the bombs because the cops are everywhere. Then Felix tells her to do plan B. Which is to plant a bomb in Patrice’s house because she was influencing black community.

So the KKK hated her for that. Then when she was about to plant the bomb at her house, Patrice comes home with her friend from the rally. Then Connie quickly runs away and plants the bomb in Patrice car instead. Then when she was about to escape, Ron comes from his car and tries to arrest Connie. But before he manages to arrest her, two more cops arrived and started to beat Ron. Ron said that he is an undercover cop but they didn’t believed him or even try to look at his badge.

Then at this time Felix comes with two other members from the KKK and they stops their car right next to Patrice car. Then they look at Patrice’s house and activates the bomb, thinking that it was inside her house. But they were sitting right next to it. So all three of them dies by that bomb and no one else got hurt. Then after about a minute, Flip comes and shouts at the cops who arrested Rob and manage to convince them that Rob is a cop. The scene ends there.

Then after that they managed to arrest a racist cop in their precinct by getting his confession on tape. Then later the captain of the precinct tells the undercover team that they have to destroy all the evidence they had over the KKK because the higher authority preferred if the public didn’t knew about it. They had to agree to their captain because after all they were police officers. Then in the end, Rob calls David while his team was listening and tells him that he got played by a black man in the most racist way possible.

Then in the end of the movie, we can see some clips from riots in 2017 from both sides. White supremacists saying white lives matter and others saying black lives matters. Through these little clips, the director managed to tell the audience that even though we have come a long way since the 1970s, we still have a long way to go. Also in the middle of the movie, we can see the story of Jesse Washington. The director also manages to tell his story in the most convincing and heartwarming way through the movie.

I really enjoyed this movie because in it, the director had no boundaries. Every race was criticized in this movie. White people, Black people, Jewish people. And the director managed to tell the audience how the racists would react in every race. And since this story was inspired by true events, I personally think that everyone should watch it. Not because this is a really funny and well directed movie with no flaws, but because it also shows that where we came from and how far we have to go to make this world a better place.