The movie Parasite went into history as the first ever foreign movie that won the Academy award for the best picture. This also won 3 more Oscar awards including for best directing and best original screenplay.

This South Korean movie became the main topic for a lot of controversial discussions after winning the Oscar for the best picture that year. Some said that it was an attempt to give a foreign movie the spot light but my personal opinion is that this movie deserved that award because it was a well-directed masterpiece.

The story revolves around a very wealthy family and a very poor family. Woo the son of the poor family gets a chance to be the English tutor for the daughter of the rich family named Hye and the money was good for this task. Now the thing about Woo and his family is that even though they were uneducated, they were cunning and were geniuses in deceiving. So Woo manage to trick the mother of Hye and convince her that he knows a good art teacher for her son Da Song.

Then he introduces his sister Jeong to Kyo who is the mother and she manages to convince Kyo that she is the perfect person for the job. Then they manages to get rid of her husband Dong’s driver and replace him with their own father Taek since they were that deceiving.

Now all they needed to do was to get their mom a job at the house but it was difficult. There was a lady housekeeper named Moon at the house that was there even before the Kyo’s family. She has always being loyal to the owner so it was hard for them to get rid of her. Later Woo finds out that Moon was highly allergic to peaches.

Then they use peaches to make Moon allergic in front of Kyo so she would let her go as their house keeper because she thought that Moon has active tuberculosis. Finally Taek tells Dong that he knows an agency that can get them a new servant. It was a made up agency and through that they manage to put their mother Sook as the new housekeeper. Now the whole family has infected that rich family like parasites.

Then Kyo and her family goes on a camping trip for Da Song’s birthday so Sook and the rest gets that big house for themselves so they enjoys it to the fullest. Then later at that night Moon comes to the house and tells Sook that she forgot something at the basement and needs to get it. So she opens the door and tells her to go and take it. Then Sook goes to the basement and sees Moon trying to push a cupboard.

Then Sook helps her and behind that cupboard, there was a secret door. It turns out that Moon was hiding her husband Hoon in that bunker for over 4 years. Then Taek and the rest comes to the bunker and they falls off the stairs and Moon takes a video of it. Then she quickly realizes that they are a family because Woo calls Taek dad. Then she tries to blackmail them and tells that she would send that video to Kyo because she realize that they were the reason why she lost her job.

But then they manage to take the phone from Moon and delete the video. And later Kyo calls the house and tells Sook that they are coming in 8 minutes because of the heavy rain. So they had no choice but to hide Moon and Hoon inside that bunker. Then Woo and Jeong cleans the house while Taek stays inside the bunker. Then Moon tries to run then Sook kicks her down the stairs and she hits her head. Then Taek takes her back to the bunker and ties Hoon down and leaves them.

Later that night, all three of them manages to get out of there without getting caught. And when they get home, it flooded because of the heavy rain so they had to sleep at a hall with the rest of the poor people. Then Taek tells Woo to leave Moon and Hoon at the bunker. The next day Kyo suddenly wants to have a birthday party for Da Song at their garden so she invites everyone for it. At that party, Woo decides to go to the bunker and checks on them. When he goes there, Hoon attacks him from behind and almost kills him.

Hoon has become a mad man because his wife has died. Then he goes to the garden and stabs Jeong in the heart in front of Da Song and he passes out after seeing that. Then Sook stabs Hoon in anger. While they were fighting, Taek tries to save his daughter’s life and Dong screams at him and tells him to pass the car key to him so they could go to the hospital. Then Taek snaps and stabs Dong in the heart and kills him.

After that the audience sees that Woo has survived that attack and both Woo and Sook manage to get away without facing prison because Sook killed Hoon in self-defense. Then Woo figure out that his father is hiding in that bunker because he was wanted for murder. Then he tells Woo through morse code that he is fine. Then Woo tells the audience that he would buy that house when he has money and the movie ends.

This movie was perfect in every way. Acting, directing and the unexpected story line are some of them. Even when some people criticize that this is not an Oscar worthy movie, I think that this cinema deserves all those awards because this was a uniquely different movie and it manage to tell the audience the struggle people face when they are poor and what they are willing to do to get even a little feeling of being rich.